so not fair

So I was under the impression that I was fighting off this cold that my son and wife have, that I was going to get some mild version of it because somehow it wouldn’t be right or fair for me to get sick when I need to take care of the other members of my family. That impression was way off, and I’m sick, sick, sick. It’s just a cold (albeit a chest cold), but it’s about the meanest cold I’ve had in years. And now that I’ve got it full force, I am so sad that this is what my baby has had to endure over the past few days. It’s fucking miserable!

At least with my downturn, J and Baby Genius seem to be turning a corner, so J and I may be able to swap roles a little bit. Still, this really, really, really, really sucks. I don’t think moms of small children should ever have to get sick. Ever. How do you all do it?




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9 responses to “so not fair

  1. It’s best when not everyone has it bad at the same time (duh). For this past (current?) illness, which is going on 3 weeks now, Miles started off with a bad cold (which we later found out was RSV), then Nutella got it, and I was fine. Then her health started to improve and mine deteriorated. Then Miles developed bronchiolitis. Then finally his health started to improve and I’m almost all better. At least with colds, things are still somewhat manageable. I had a stomach flu for 2 days in December and couldn’t even carry Miles up the stairs. For us, whoever is the least sick tries to carry the most weight. But you’re so right…it SUCKS! Wishing you all a speedy recovery!

  2. notesfrom2moms

    never been so sick as I have been this year. I keep a cold and have had the flu. Keep hydrated … sorry i don’t have better news.

  3. Next in line

    It sucks. I just lay there and nurse while sneezing and coughing. Unless I cough really loud it doesn’t even phase her anymore.

  4. A.

    UGH…I’m so sorry you guys are all in the dumps. Sending healing thoughts!

  5. So sorry! How miserable. Hope you feel better quickly. Eat some soup. xoxo

  6. amyblossom

    i am with strawberry on this one. it sucks all around but hopefully one parent is going through the worst while the other carries most of the baby handling. hope this weekend brings renewed health to your home!

  7. I’m convinced that moms of small children get sick more often, because we aren’t taking care of ourselves the way we should (at least I’m not). I hope you are all recovered quickly!

  8. poppycat

    Boooo. Hope you are starting to feel better.

  9. bumblemama

    I agree, when you have a small baby around all the time you should get a pass, an immunity. We just traded at work too, the red noses are pitiful!

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