baby’s first cold

Well, we knew it would happen eventually, but we hoped that maybe we would escape this sick season without it. Sadly, Baby Genius has his first cold. He woke up with a cough yesterday, and today, he’s got a cough, some nasal congestion, and a bit of a fever. J and I are also feeling like crap. Since we woke up this morning, we’ve been trying to track down where we got this thing (we haven’t gone out much at all in the last week), but I think it comes down to living in an apartment complex and sharing stairs and mailboxes and such with neighbors. In fact, I’ve noticed our trampy neighbor next door coughing a lot lately. I’m blaming her.

On a positive note, we’ve had some improvements in the sleep department. For the last three nights, my wife has slept on the sofa. We both needed her to get some solid sleep, and we also wanted to see if maybe Baby Genius was awakening because of some snoring she was doing. We don’t know now if that was what was keeping him awake or not, but he’s going down much better at night and staying asleep, and he’s waking up minimally in the middle of the night for a quick snack. I would never suggest that the sleep crisis is over, for that would surely curse us to endless sleepless nights, but it’s been nice the last few nights for all of us to sleep more. My wife and I are so much nicer when we sleep!

But now we have the dreaded cold to contend with, so I imagine my wife will stay on the sofa for a few more nights, and I’ll hope like hell that Baby Genius manages to sleep through his discomfort.



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6 responses to “baby’s first cold

  1. Oh, the sleep improvement sounds better but I imagine sleeping apart cannot be a long term solution for you guys. However, I say take what comfort you can find as its offered, right? Question, would adding white noise to the bedroom help? I have recently been having sleep issues of my own and I have found that the noise of a box fan works wonders for me…. I also recall that all 3 of my sister’s children HAD to have a fan nearby for the noise (of course, not blowing on them or anything).

    Sorry about the cold(s). I hope BG and his mommies are back to perfect soon. I had to laugh that you are blaming your trampy neighbor.

    • reproducinggenius

      White noise is definitely something we all appreciate in our household, and lately, we have also introduced some soothing music playing all night. He seems to like that.

      As for sleeping apart, it’s definitely not a long-term solution–more of an exeriment to see which factors are disrupting his sleep–and also to see if we function better as a family when at least one of sleeps well (the answer is a resounding yes). Fortunately, we still have snuggle time in the morning (J comes to bed when she wakes up), so it’s really just the sleeping hours when we’re apart. We won’t do this for long though, although we are considering doing two nights a week when J doesn’t sleep with us (again for the sake of having at least one well-rested adult). We’ll keep updating as we travel this funny little road.

  2. Damn that trampy neighbor ! haha.

    My wife sleeps downstairs sometimes and we just never make it permanent. WE found out why our daughter was waking up so much ( she sleeps in our room ) it was because of my wifes snoring!!! so when we need REAL sleep, we do it@!

  3. Lyn

    I’m so glad you’re getting a some rest! (and I’m speaking only about this exact point in time and recent past, I am NOT jinxing you!). Hopefully the cold fades fast.

  4. nutella

    Colds suck. Hope it leaves your house quickly!

  5. poppycat

    Poor sickies. Hope you all feel better soon.

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