4-month check-up

Baby Genius had his 4-month well-baby visit today. His doctor is now referring him to a pediatric gastroenterologist, which sucks, but our boy is showing little to no improvement despite the removal of dairy, soy, and beef from my diet. Now we’re hoping for a referral to a doctor in the area rather than a referral to Oakland or San Francisco.

The good news is that Baby Genius continues to thrive. He weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds 1 ounce. This places him in the 80th percentile (down from the 94th at two months) He is 26 1/2 inches long, which keeps him in the 90th percentile for height.

He also had some immunizations, wich made him scream. I told the nurse I was going to breastfeed him, and she initially told me not to “because he could choke!” It’s not like I was feeding him from a straw for fuck’s sake! Needless to say, I nursed him, and he was easily comforted, and, believe t or not, he didn’t choke. He has been a little sleepy and fussy today, but he also enjoyed some solo play time. He’s a resilient boy, but we so hate these days.

We also asked today about when we might introduce solids We have wondered if the frequent night wakings might be caused by hunger. That, and my wife and I are excited for her to get in on the feedings a bit more, and solids would certainly mean she could do this. The doctor really wants us to hold off though, given his sensitive GI system, so we’re going to hold off until six months in hopes that our boy’s system has had more of a chance to develop. For now, I’m pumping more, so when I start working again in a week, Mama will have lots of good feeding time with her boy. Have I mentioned how positively sweet and heart-melting it is to see her feed him? It is.

In other news, we haven’t had a glider or rocker of any sort in our home, so we have had to do all of the work when it comes to rocking–until tomorrow. My mom took pity on us and bought us a fabulous glider recliner, which is finally arriving, and our poor aching backs cannot wait. This is it here:

Yes, tomorrow, Baby Genius and his moms will be gliding in style.

And there you have it. We’re all hanging in there, and we’re smiling more than crying, which feels pretty good for today.



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5 responses to “4-month check-up

  1. Audrey

    Sorry to hear that baby genius is still having such issues. I would suggest that you also ask the ped for an allergist referral. GI’s are good at guts, but tend to never find the root of the problem, and have extremely invasive and painful tests. At the very least the allergist can easily clear him as allergy free and then you will know that you will have to go in further depth with the GI. Good luck mamas and stay strong.

    • reproducinggenius

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      Because we haven’t yet established that this is an allergy–we’re just guessing–and because the symptoms that are presenting are GI issues, this feels like the best route for now. The practice we’ll likely be referred to does deal with GI manifestations of allergies, so if that is the cause, we’ll likely have the support we need. They also offer tests that aren’t invasive or painful, fortunately (the nice thing about seeing pediatric specialists). If, after seeing this specialist, we feel like we need another, we’ll certainly request a referral to a different sort of specialist.

  2. amyblossom

    what a sweet picture! Sorry BG is still having troubles but at least he is still thriving. keep searching for the answer mommies and one day it will pay off. i am so jealous of that glider!

  3. Next in line

    That chair looks like heaven especially for mommies that are up at night.

  4. lucky ducks! that chair is SWEET! seriously, i’m jealous.

    so happy that BG is thriving, but sorry to hear of his continuing GI issues. hope you guys can get to the bottom of it and he feels better soon!

    love to you 3!

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