post-holiday catch-up

Not blogging certainly does make coming back to it more daunting. I have so much that I could write about, and yet I I almost feel like I have nothing post-worthy. The only way to get over that, I suppose, is to post, post, post.

We had a lovely holiday here at home. It was our first as a family–the first even J and I have spent without the extended family. It was so relaxing, so free of pressure. We did have one visitor. My dad decided to pop in Christmas morning for a couple of hours to see Baby Genius. He came with gifts and got to hang out with BG for a good long time, have breakfast with us, etc. His wife died five or six years ago, and since then, he’s been a bit aimless. I’ve also discussed here that he and I spent a few years not speaking, but we reconnected just this past year, and this effort he has been making to come see us is nice. I don’t count on it, but it’s good to have him around again.

Baby Genius seemed to enjoy his first Christmas as much as any three and a half month old can. He learned to tear tissue paper, so he was able to open some gifts we gave him (books), and he thoroughly enjoyed the music and the fake yule log on the television. Despite our desires to keep him from watching TV, we couldn’t keep the boy’s eyes off of that fake burning log.

I continue to be dairy and soy free, but it seems to be making little difference for BG. When we took the trip to my parents’ house a couple of weeks ago, the diaper situation did improve some, and I thought that because I hadn’t had soy there, that it was soy that was doing it. This week, I also realized that I didn’t have the prenatals with me that I  usually take. These prenatals have a few different herbs in them, and I thought perhaps they were the culprit, so I stopped taking them a few days ago. Sure enough, we did see a big change. In fact, we have even had a few normal-ish diapers. On Christmas day, I did consume a little dairy, and I think that has set us back again. I really feel like I’m flying blind with this, but we may be getting somewhere. We’ll see how he’s doing in a few days’ time.

Our son has also decided that he no longer cares to sleep for longer than an hour or two at a time at night. I don’t think he likes his co-sleeper; unfortunately, that’s where he has to stay for now. We bought some flannel to make some bigger swaddle blankets for him in order to do some heavy-duty swaddling, but this doesn’t seem to be the issue. No, instead, the issue is that our baby boy likes to kick, and in the night, whether he has no coverage at all or he is in the firmest of swaddles, he will lift up his legs, kick them together straight up into the air, and then throw them back down onto the bed. He does this until he wakes himself up. Short of duct-taping him to his mattress, we’re not sure how to fix this one. By 5am, I usually just bring him into bed with us, and I snuggle with him so that he will sleep, but it would be nice to get some rest in the middle of the night too. I miss my baby who would wake just once in the night!

Daytime with Baby Genius has been getting more and more fun though. He loves to sit, so he insists that when we hold him, he gets to sit up. How does he insist? He lifts his head up and grabs onto things to try to pull himself up. The boy isn’t rolling over yet, but he’s determined to sit up on his own by his four-month birthday. Everything in due time, son. He also is at this point where he is grabbing everything, and everything must go into his mouth. If it will not go into his mouth, he gets incredibly frustrated. This happens often in his bouncy seat where various toys dangle. For the last few weeks, there has been a dangling turtle that he can easily reach, but it was coming within just an inch of so of his mouth, so he would yell at it repeatedly. This week, he has found a way to reach the turtle, which has brought increased satisfaction. The latest thing he’s trying to conquer is getting his toes into his mouth, which has resulted in a good deal of hilarity.

We’re so happy to have our little boy. Life isn’t always easy here at the house of Reproducing Genius, but we have a lot of joy; we simply couldn’t be happier to have our son here. Now if only the rest of life would fall into place for us. Sigh.



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8 responses to “post-holiday catch-up

  1. Great that you and your dad have found a way to be a part of each others lives that’s acceptable to you both.

    A word of caution from one of the childless ones: bringing him into your bed when he cries could bite you in the butt later on. On one of my parenting boards there was a S.O.S. from a mom who desperately wants her 4 year old daughter OUT of her bed.The couple has lost that space of connecting and their relationship is suffering because of it.

    As one mother advised and i agree “co-sleeping doesn’t always solve the problem of a fussy baby during the night,but can create yet another problem”. I’m sure the cyber attachment parenting types will dispute this to the end of the earth

    Good job on continuing to try and figure out the poop.

    • reproducinggenius

      Honestly, if we had a larger bed, we would likely have him in it most, if not all, of the night. We like having him close, and it helps us all get some sleep. The thing is, he’s not necessarily fussy, just awake, and he needs the sleep.

      Before BG was born. neither of us expected to like the idea of a family bed. It turned out that once he arrived, we loved not just the idea but the practice. Then again, J and I are very snuggly people, so it should have come as no surprise that we would want to snuggle with our little one as well.

      It’s up to us as parents and as a couple to find our intimate space/time, and we do. For now, and until our son is a bit older, we’ll do what it takes to find that space for ourselves while still providing our baby with the comfort and closeness he needs in order for us all to be better rested.

  2. nutella

    Mm, tissue paper and toes and dangling toys!

    I remember hitting a rough patch with sleep at about the same point with Miles. It was after the swaddle stopped working but before he could reliably find his thumb and self soothe. Hopefully this is just a temporary bump in the road. So sorry about all the diet changes but glad you seem to be one the right track at least. Lots of parenting is trial and error. You have to do what works for you and your family.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your baby genius sounds alert, active and bright. His daytime antics sound lovely and i wish you luck with getting him to sleep longer and poop normally.

  4. We also had a roadbump with sleep around 3 months (as did a few other moms I know). We’re still not over it and co-sleeping is the only way any of us have been getting any sleep. I never thought I’d want to co-sleep for the entire night, but our LOs have definite opinions don’t they? I hope BG and his moms are getting lots of sleep soon!

  5. We hit a roadbump with sleep at around 3 months as well (as did a few other moms I know). We’re actually not over it yet, but co-sleeping is the only way any of us have been getting any sleep. I didn’t think I’d ever want to co-sleep full-time, but our LOs have their own opinions, don’t they? I hope BG and his moms are getting lots of sleep soon!

  6. Yeah, sorry about that. (As I comment a THIRD time!) I thought the first comment got eaten.

  7. Please do post, post, post. I love keeping up with your family. The diet/poo issues must be so frustrating. Kudos for doing different eliminations and doing your best with such a mystery. Hope you get a full night’s sleep soon. xoxo

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