Our boy’s diaper issues continue. I have sworn off dairy in all its forms, and the problem continued; however, I had replaced said dairy with a good deal of soy. When at my parents’ house, I didn’t consume any soy products, and miraculously, our son started to have some normal diapers for the first time in what seems like eons. Once I came home and was back on the soy, however, the blood and off consistency came back.

BG’s doctor called yesterday to let us know that all of his tests came back normal. Blood is normal; stool is normal. He thinks I should keep up the nondairy diet, and once I told him about the soy matter, he agreed that I ought to cut that out too. We’ll see in a few days if this makes any difference. He won’t go back to the doctor until his four month checkup, and at that time, if we don’t see any improvement, the doctor is sending our Baby Genius to a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Honestly, I’m willing to eliminate whatever it takes, although I know that in some rare cases, even that doesn’t help. In all honesty, I never imagined that I would one day be so obsessed with the color and consistency of diaper substances. Normal poop is suddenly the holy grail, and I feel very much initiated into motherhood.



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7 responses to “elimination

  1. Sorry the issues continue. You will continue your poop obsession for many, many months. Miles is currently fighting some bug off, and his poop dramatically changed and made us take notice. We’re always asking each other “what’s it look like now? color? texture?” lol.

  2. Jean

    That stinks. But for all of your sanity truly call and have them give you the ped allergist referral NOW! They will be able to give you solid answers. The skin tests do not hurt, take about 30 minutes, and you know exactly what to avoid. And decline a RAST test, as teh blood draw for it is worse than any thing else, and it gives tons of false positives and can miss a true positive. This also gives him the best chance at outgrowing the allergies if you can keep him 100% away from them, and that means even what he gets through the breastmilk. Charlie had horrible diapers as well, plus on top of that his skin was a mess as well, it started as bad baby acne, then progressivly got worse. It was also the cause of his reflux as well. If you get positives, they will just retest him once a year, until he test negative, or it will be an allergy he has for life. I really only push an allergist referral because now he is showing affects of it and he is only getting it through breastmilk, a direct exposure could have much more serious consequences. We carry Charlie an epi-pen as his egg allergy is severe enough to warrant them, and luckily he only got egg through breastmilk, and not directly. Good luck mama’s and I hope baby genius feels better soon!

  3. A.

    Ugh, that sounds so frustrating…I personally would hate giving up dairy – I love my milk! Even more frustrating for you because you’re not seeing the results you want.

    I hope things improve soon. xo

  4. We’re dairyless and soyless over here (well, Fern is, I still have some soy) and are loving coconut milk products. Have you tried them? (http://www.turtlemountain.com/products/coconut_milk_beverage.html)

    • reproducinggenius

      I tried their coconut milk yogurt and enjoyed it. Next I’m trying the coffee creamer. I was so excited to find that!

  5. I hope that the soy-free diet does the trick and you can start introducing dairy again. I’m sure you already know this, but wheat is another potential allergen. Oh, and we’re also obsessed with poop over here. Color and frequency are big topics of discussion.

  6. HA, I love your use of the double entendre.
    Hope the poo issues get figured out/ resolved soon, and that any restricted diet is short-lived.

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