home for the holidays

I can’t believe I have let nearly a week pass since writing again, but I do have good reason. We were out if town for our extended family Christmas celebration. Two years ago, plans were made for my parents, siblings, and us to go on a cruise for Christmas this year. At the time, we hoped that we would have a baby or be pregnant and wouldn’t be able to go. And of course, the universe finally granted us our wish for a Baby Genius, providing us with the best possible reason not to go (not that we would have minded a week in the Mexican Riviera, mind you, but we have the best alternative imaginable).

Anyway, the family wanted to celebrate with us, so we made the three hour trek to see them. It was a frenzied Christmas celebration filled with way too many gifts for Baby Genius and his eighteen-month-old cousin. Said cousin was hopped up on Christmas cookies and lack of sleep, so she would run up to BG exclaiming, “BABY!” and then proceed to give him something–cookies, toys, her sippy cup, big sloppy kisses. It was all very cute, but it was also overwhelming. Let’s just say I’m glad we have time to ease into toddlerhood. The rest of the celebration was quick, but just enough Christmas to make me feel as though we aren’t missing anything by staying home.

The greatest moment of the day came when my dear younger brother–one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world–stopped the gift opening to say, “I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, everybody, and we’re pregnant!” He and his wife had planned to start trying post-cruise. Needless to say, all the “trying” that was necessary was for her to give up birth control. It’s hard to believe that this would affect me at all, but there is still a part of me that feels bitter when people get pregnant so easily–even when it is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, the person we would want to raise our son should something happen to us. It’s shocking to me how quickly that feeling comes back despite the fact that we’ve got our very own boy to squeeze.

That said, we are positively delighted at the thought that our son is going to have a cousin less than a year younger than he is and one just over a year older. Our dear cousin (one of our only family members to read here) is also having twins this year after a long journey that started when ours did. Our family’s next generation is in full bloom, and I am finding it incredibly awesome.  Next year’s Christmas will be filled with the wonder of babies and toddlers and happy, tired new parents. I love it.

So our familial obligations are complete for the year. We don’t have to go anywhere at all for months, and it’s such a relief. Now we get to settle in for our baby’s first Winter Solstice, his first Christmas, and his first New Year. We’re so looking forward to relaxing through it all.



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6 responses to “home for the holidays

  1. amyblossom

    our extended family is blossoming also. it is an exciting thing to be a part of. like you, i am happy our son will have cousins close in age. how is BG? how did the doctor visit go? a christmas at home together sounds perfect :]

  2. Congrats on surviving the chaos! It is lovely that BG will have little cousins to play with.

  3. How wonderful that BG will have so many cousins around his age! That is just fabulous.
    Your holiday plans sound fabulous and relaxing. Yay!

  4. After he has been around his cool cousins a bit more i bet he’ll start to light up any time he is around them or other kids:) In the mean time he’s growing and adjusting.

  5. poppycat

    I am so excited the three of you get to spend the holidays alone and making those incredible first memories together. How perfect.

    I envy BG’s abundance of cousins. I am an only child and Cat’s niece is 11 yrs and on the east coast. I miss being around my family but it seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year and each generation. Thank goodness for close friends, I wish more of them would decide to start families. BG is a very lucky boy!

  6. It makes so much sense that there would still be a little bitterness upon hearing about an easy conception, even if you’re hearing it from someone you love so much. It’s hard to imagine that would ever go away entirely – you had such a long road to get BG.

    I’m glad you had a fabulous celebration and that your son will be surrounded by cousins!

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