3 months

Dear Baby Genius,

This weekend you turned three months old, and because we were so engrossed with you, your birthday went by without an email or a picture. In some ways, you are like a whole new baby now. You are emerging more and more by the day, and we’re so excited to be getting to know who lies behind those big blue eyes of yours.

This month, you found your giggle and your hands. Most of your giggles are still hard-won. You do enjoy your elephants above your changing table as well as the occasional tickle or tongue sticking out. Today Mama discovered that you also like bouncing, and yesterday, we all learned that you like funny high and low-pitched noises. You don’t laugh much for me yet, but I do get lots of smiles and encouragement from you when I try to make you laugh

You’re interacting with nearly everything and everyone around you now. You have new friends: Freddy, Phillipe, and Francois (the firefly, the squeak-faced frog, and the fish, respectively).

You enjoy hugging Freddy to you and manipulating his crinkly wings. You are in love with textures of all kinds, especially those of these cool taggy toys that someone made for you. You especially like skin, and you enjoy touching (and hitting) our faces as much as possible.

You are also starting to explore the world with  your mouth. If something feels cool to your hands, then it must be interesting to touch with your tongue as well, right? Well, most things you touch these days also get a healthy dose of your baby spit. When I wear you in the Moby or the Sleepy Wrap now, you inevitably cover the part near your face in spit. It’s pretty funny.

This month you did some more travelling and had your very first big family holiday. The travelling you handled very well, but the family to-dos you could have done without. You had two Thanksgivings! One was with your aunts and uncle and grandparents and cousin, where you were passed around to everyone and kissed endlessly by these people who adore you. Your second one was too much even for your moms. It was a big family reunion at your great-grandma’s  house where 22 grownups and two little kids (you included) packed into her tiny little two-bedroom house. When we showed up, and opened the door, seeing the big crowd of people made you cry. You weren’t ready for that, and we’re so sorry to have subjected you to it. You did get to spend some good time with your great-grandma–and you even giggled for her. That made her day. It certainly was a special moment for me to see the oldest and youngest members of my family bonding the way you two were. And you know what’s special? You have her lips–just as I do.

You seem to enjoy getting out more these days, so we’re taking full advantage of that. It’s so fun to take you places, whether it’s just on a walk or shopping or to a cool Goddess Craft Faire like we went to on your birthday. People everywhere admire how gorgeous you are, how lovely your big blue eyes are, and, oddly, how perfectly shaped your head is. You finally enjoy your stroller, but when we’re really out in public you definitely like me to wear you in the wrap. This way, you can look around and see all the cool  things up high.

You have had a few extra visits to the doctor this month. We think you might be allergic to something I eat, so for now I have given up dairy products. One day you will understand what a big deal this is for your cheese and yogurt-lovin’ mom. For you, my boy, I would do just about anything.

You’re growing so fast, baby boy. You already wear some six month clothes, and at your last doctor’s appointment, you weighed over fifteen pounds! You’re strong too. You love to sit up by holding onto our hands. When you do  this, you lift your own head and tighten your arms so that you can sit up and look around. It’s pretty remarkable.

Because you are so good at growing, you have also nearly outgrown your moses basket where you have slept for the past three months.

We thought you would sleep there until you were six months old or so, but we were wrong. Fortunately, we just got a new co-sleeper for you, which should fit until you’re ready to sleep in your own room and your own crib. Last night was your first night trying it out, and as you can see, you loved it.

At this moment, sweet boy, you are nursing and fighting sleep. Most evenings, you seem to know that the sun has gone down because you start fussing then. Your Mama will walk you and sing to you to get you to sleep, but some nights, you fight sleep so hard that we have to take turns for an hour or more to try to get you to  sleepanytime near your 7pm bedtime. We are hoping you outgrow this soon, but we will do what it takes to help you sleep as long as you need it.

Baby Genius, there is so much more to say. You continue to rock our worlds, and while it’s a little hard to see you growing up so fast, we can’t wait to see what your fourth month of life brings.

I love you, little crocodile.




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5 responses to “3 months

  1. Three Months?! How did that happen so fast?! He’s so beautiful and I can tell how happen you both are in your new role as parents. Congrats again.

  2. nutella

    Wow, 3 months have gone fast from this vantage point. It’s so wonderful to see them exploring and interacting with the world, isn’t it? Enjoy month 4!

  3. A.

    What a sweet post. He’s growing so fast!

  4. poppycat

    Happy 3 months BG and happy three months of being mommies to BG, T and J!

  5. ::tear::
    This was so sweet and wonderful. What a big little man!

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