more BG updates

So it’s settled. I’m going off dairy for at least two weeks starting tomorrow. We have no conclusive results of any tests, so we’re sending in more stool samples and taking Baby Genius for a complete blood panel. Count collecting stool samples among the other things I never expected to find myself doing. 

This time when we go for the blood draw, I am allowing my wife to go hide in the restroom while his blood is drawn so that she doesn’t have to hear him wailing. I’m not sure I’ll take it any better than she will, but I at least have the comfort of milk for him. If none of his tests are conclusive, and if he doesn’t respond to my nondairy diet, his doctor (who was particularly lispy with us yesterday) wants to send him to a pediatric gastroenterologist for some testing (read: probing). We’re really hoping I just have to lay off the cheese and ice cream and such for awhile and that it doesn’t come to that. Oh please don’t let it come to that–or worse, a visit to the Oakland children’s hospital. I really think that we’re just looking at an allergy though. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep this boy healthy. Just look at him. Who wouldn’t?



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10 responses to “more BG updates

  1. How vexing this problem is! I hope your lispy doctor can figure it out soon. 😉 Sorry about the nondairy diet, but I do hope it works and that it’s very temporary.

  2. nutella

    Good luck with the diet! Anything for our babies, right? Really hope this is the solution and that he outgrows it quickly.

  3. But how is he otherwise? Still smiley and giggly? It sounds like he’s still eating well. Those all seem like good signs.

    I’d rather give up meat and caffeine than to have to give up dairy. If it keeps the baby smiles going it’s all worth it in the end.

    • reproducinggenius

      I hear you, Yvette. I was a vegetarian for years, have not had caffeine in at least a year, have rarely had a glass of wine–all of that is far easier than giving up dairy for me (I just love cheese and yogurt and such far too much). That said, I’d do anything for him, and after a shopping trip for all kinds of dairy replacements, I feel pretty good about the upcoming weeks (although sad that this has to come during the holidays of all times!).

      And yes, he seems to be feeling quite well otherwise. He’s cheerful, smiley, giggly, eating beautifully, sleeping well, etc. That is what keeps me thinking that this is an allergy and not something more ominous.

  4. Sorry you guys are dealing with this. I hope the dairy-free diet does the trick.

  5. amyblossom

    what a beautiful boy. i hope you all get some answers at next visit

  6. poppycat

    Here’s hoping a cow free mommy will = a happier BG! Love that hat he has on,is it by Under The Nile? I LOVE their stuff and have had to stop myself from buying it on many occassions. I think I almost bought that same hat at one point.

    • reproducinggenius

      It IS Under the Nile. They do have irresistable baby wear. J bought this for BG shortly after we found out he was a boy. I just love it on him.

  7. gypsygrrl

    sending good thoughts to you all…hugs for the moms who hate to see their little guy getting blood drawn ~ i used to work in a lab where we did a LOT of little ones and it was hard. they mainly just wail because they dont like the being held still for a millisecond…


  8. oh goodness. will be thinking of you and hoping for some easy solutions. & holy cow is that baby beautiful. (holy lactose free cow, I mean) xoxo

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