you know what we’re thankful for

Amidst all of the family hell and the trouble it has caused us, we had been dreading the holidays. But then one day, we both finally realized that this is our baby’s first holiday season, and we need to honor that and focus on that rather than allowing ourselves to be mired in the crap. Sometimes that’s easy, and sometimes it isn’t.

So today marks our son’s first Thanksgiving, his first day of gluttony. We’re certain he’ll spend much of the day feasting, for rarely is there a day that he doesn’t. When he’s old enough to understand, we’ll teach him about what screwed up origins this holiday has, and we’ll try to create new meaning by sharing what we’re thankful for, and we’ll feed him the best free range turkey we can find.

This year, we’ll remind him over and over and over again that we’re thankful, ever-so-thankful, that’s he’s finally here.

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  1. I love your positive attitude towards the holidays.

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