a box of clothes

We bought this robe when we first started TTC. In fact, we had a whole box of things that we purchased on a monthly basis hoping that it wouldn’t be long before we got to see the items on a real baby. Over the year and a half we tried for our Baby Genius, we added to the box on a regular basis. We would pull the items out of the box when we were needing to feel some hope, and we would imagine holding a baby in the items. This robe was always one of our favorites for some reason.

There came times, too, when the box had to be put away, hidden high up in the closet out of sight. Those were times when we didn’t add a thing to the box, when we would make our ways through department stores doing everything we could to avoid the baby department. During the long breaks or the strings of failed cycles, neither of us wanted to be reminded. During those times, we wouldn’t pull the clothes out because it was too painful.

But then I remember once we found out we were pregnant pulling that box down from the closet and crying as we looked at each item. And as the box became two boxes, and we learned we were having a boy, we looked through them one by one again, imagining a son in them.

It’s surreal to see our real baby boy wearing these clothes now. Each week that passes, he either outgrows or fits into a new item from the original box. It saddens us when favorites from the box are retired. And days like today, we are delighted when we find that one of the beloved items can now fulfill its destiny on our child’s very real little body.

He is the boy of our dreams.



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7 responses to “a box of clothes

  1. So wonderful that those dreams came to be. We just freecycled Miles’ baby bouncer. Talk about tearing at one’s heartstrings!

  2. j

    Beautiful post. We have a closet full of baby things, and a future nursery that is over growing. When we lost Sprout, we put some special items in a special box, that is tucked away, but we know that someday our other supplies will be used…when the timing is perfect.

  3. jay

    Ahh!! And he looks very pleased to be wearing it!

  4. He always has the cutiest expression.And that color looks nice on him.

  5. Jen

    Your posts are always so wonderful and bring me to tears. We were in the opposite box of your ttc experience; Tiff wouldn’t let me buy anything to get my hopes up but I can see the therapy in having the box. So, once we got pregnant and got past the horrible first trimester, I went CRAZY. Your BG is a beautiful boy!

  6. gypsygrrl

    that is the cutest little robe i have EVER seen. he looks like he is so pleased to be chillin’ in such a snuggly robe his mamas picked for him so long ago…


  7. Oy! I am tearing up over here. So sweet, and I love that picture.

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