dear fussbucket

We don’t know what it is about the sun going down, but you seem to turn into a whole new baby–a really cranky baby–when that happens. So could you let us know what it is that is bothering you so much? We have a feeling we know what it is (you’re tired), but maybe you have other ideas about this. Whatever it is, we would be happy to help you get through it without all the crying.

Many thanks,

Your Moms


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4 responses to “dear fussbucket

  1. Ah the witching hour! This happened to us and I believe it’s fairly common. You’re not alone but it sure sucks!

  2. Emily

    yep, and they’re supposed to grow out of it around 12 weeks. Does BG know that? Perhaps you could tell him. and in the meantime, have a glass of wine. I have to say, we have it too, and it’s only the occasional night that we don’t.

  3. Sounds familiar. Miles was a crankypuss from 5:30 pm until bedtime. It helped moving his bedtime earlier (7pm actually), even though it sucked that we saw less of him. Hope you gals are able to figure out something that works…or BG grows out of it as he ages.

  4. amyblossom

    in the boat with strawberry…daniel’s bed time has been holding steady at 7pm for that fact.

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