first vaccinations

Perhaps instead of Baby Genius we should be calling our son Baby Giant. We had his two-month well baby visit today, and he is still huge. In fact, he is huger.

Weight: 14 pounds 1 ounce (95th percentile)

Height: 24.5 inches (90th percentile)

We knew he was getting big because he’s growing so rapidly out of his clothes, but this is quite remarkable. At this rate, he’s going to be the size of a five-year-old at three months! It really is shocking sometimes to see this little guy growing so quickly. It’s harder and harder to fathom that this was the baby in my belly, the one I pushed out of me, but he is, and sometimes when I see someone else holding him, he still looks like that tiny little baby he (sort of) is. But on a regular basis, he really does look huge.

Because this was his two-month visit, we also had to endure his first round of immunizations. J and I did struggle a bit with the vaccination issue. Generally, we are pro-immunization, but we also have problems with the irresponsible and greedy actions of the drug companies who make vaccines, so this was hard in a number of ways. That said, we are also unwilling to expose our child to ailments like pertussis and diphtheria when such diseases are easily prevented with vaccines. So we went through with it today, and it sucked.

They did allow me to nurse BG while his shots were administered, and this worked with the first one, after which he let our a horrible wail but then was easily soothed by some nursing. The second and third sticks (why three? why?) were horrible. He turned nearly purple, opened his mouth so wide, and just screamed his little head off. He couldn’t nurse anymore because he was too upset. My wife turned white, and the nurse was concerned about her. I felt bad too because I had made her stay despite her earlier pleading to let her wait outside. Once the nurse was gone and we had settled the baby and gotten him back into his carseat, J and I hugged and cried. It was so heartbreaking to see our little guy go through this.

We were led to believe by many message boards that our son would come home after his shots and sleep off the trauma, but that is not the way our Baby Genius operates. He slept for about twenty minutes, after which he was ready to wake up and breastfeed nonstop. I handed him over to J just fifteen  minutes ago after feeding him for nearly three hours straight, and I can already hear him crying to nurse again. It has now been four hours since his appointment, and the boy refuses to sleep.

But he’s really, really cute. Here is our Baby Genius in the onesie from the ladies over at Chronicles of Conception (It’s size 3-6 mos. and already almost too short. Did I mention that he’s big?):


Baby Genius

And here are some bonus shots from the weekend:


Sweet Boy



"Don't make me use this thing!"






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9 responses to “first vaccinations

  1. He is really photogenic.

    Where does all the milk go he that he can nurse for so long?

  2. A.

    I’m so sorry that the shots were so traumatic!! I’m dreading that step.

    I think big is beautiful. 🙂 I have no doubt that I will be birthing a toddler within the next few days, so I feel ya.

  3. metalstork

    3 hours and he doesn’t fall asleep? he’s a superhero! and too cute to boot. love the onesies.

  4. Ugh, shots are no fun. I hope he’s feeling better again soon.

    He is such a big boy! We thought Miles would continue his “larger than normal” trend, too, but his crazy growth started to taper off around 5-6 months. Maybe you’ll find that with BG, too, maybe not. Glad you’ve got a healthy (and cute!) boy on your hands.

  5. vee

    Shots are horrible. At least at our clinic they get two nurses on the case and do them in tandem – twice the pain but in half the time.

  6. nutella

    Aw, poor little (big) BG! And poor you! 3 hours??? I could never do that.

    Glad he’s healthy and strong and big and wonderful!

  7. That is a heck of a lot of nursing! Wow. I love his custom onsie with Baby Genius on it. You are right. Maybe he should be called Baby Giant.

  8. Poor BG! That sounds like a stressful appointment.

  9. Ash

    Wow…trauma of the shots, no fun!! …but that’s one cutie you’ve got on your hands. He is too cute for words. :o)

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