please keep me from boring us all

It’s been a week full of visitors here at the House of Genius. My dad finally paid a visit (along with a new lady friend), and then today, Baby Genius got to meet his great-grandmother. My sweet brother drove her here today and they spent the day with us. Tomorrow, one of our very best friends comes to meet him. It’s a busy week, and BG has been great. He has given everyone a smile so far, and he has loaded us up on them regularly. I’ll never tire of that smile (although I still can’t seem to capture a photo of it).

Since he was born, I feel like I have so little to write about, so little to say that isn’t entirely or almost entirely about my son. And maybe that’s okay. I guess I just don’t want this blog to become just a space for the latest photos and stats on our baby. I mean, I know those are welcome, but shouldn’t I be able to write about more? Surely I have some specks of my brain still capable of coherent–even thoughtful–posts, right? Right?

Perhaps this is where I come in a little late to the “ask me a question” trend, for I think I need some prompts. I really want to be writing more, but I’m drawing such a blank most days. So ask away. What questions do you have? They can be questions about anything–the baby, us, living in wine country, academics, mothering choices–you name it. You’ll be doing us all a favor. Oh, and if you have questions, and you’re a lurker, and you’re still reticent to post here, send me an email at reproducinggenius at comcast dot net (although now is as good a time as any to delurk!).

Let the questions commence!


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9 responses to “please keep me from boring us all

  1. Cindyhoo2

    Lol. Keep the baby posts coming! I think rational thought and deep posts will return as time passes. It seems to me that you are caught up in the excitement of getting to know your son… What an amazing time. How could that be boring?

    Hmm as for questions: do you plan to have another child? If so, when? What is your ultimate vocational goal? What book changed your life and why?

  2. Carrie Storm

    Wife and I are due Christmas Day. I’m carrying (I’m younger at 37) and having a hard time feeling real butch lately…joked in a Birth Circle recently that I just want my ‘manhood’ back. I want to lift weights, fix plumbing, chop firewood, sweep my love up off her tiny little feet.

    Instead I’m on modified bed rest, I waddle, I leak, I smell weird, my boobs are out-of-control, and I may not even make it to an Ani DiFranco concert on 11/15 that we’ve has tickets for forever because I can’t stay awake later than 8:00 in the the freakin’ evening. Yeah, I’m real tough…

    Our baby will be so loved, but thus far I’ve found pregnancy to be overly-public and weird (though piercings, combat boots, and scowling seem to keep people from (shudder) touching my belly).

    Is there still room for the things you loved, and for who you were, before BG was born? Do you even care about the things you loved, and who you were, before BG was born? Am I ever going to be me again? Would your hospital have let you wear your own clothes if you wanted to? Even if you decided to deliver in a Super Man T-shirt and Docs?

  3. lyn

    It’s the post-birth-blog-lull. It’s inevitable. Ours got sucked into a giant “all we ever write about is nursing” vortex for most of the summer.

    Let’s see. Questions. I’d love to hear more about J’s experience of C’s birth if she’s willing to share. Also, I know money is tight for you three, so do you have any wisdom on cost cutting with baby? Anything you received/bought/inherited that has been no use at all so far? Anything you couldn’t live without?

  4. Ash

    What about continuing to teach higher ed…curious on your thoughts there, especially in this struggling economy? What about teaching online? (I have some suggestions if y’all are interested.) That’s our plan when we actually start TTC/have kids.

    And BTW baby posts are interesting. It’s definitely cool to see how he progresses and how y’all evolve as a family, learning the ins and outs of each other with BG, and each other as moms. Your candidness makes that very interesting and insightful. Keep ’em coming!!! :o)

  5. Elsha Quinn

    Hi! De-lurking (again) because I want to play too! How did you choose C’s name?

  6. I think it’s natural that you’re singularly focused right now. It’s still interesting to read your thoughts and see the pictures! You’ve just been through one of the biggest events of your life, I’m sure you’ll be able to think of new content again in the future, but no need to rush it.

    My question: what is the most beautiful place in the world (to you)?

  7. amyblossom

    its only natural to have baby related posts. i personally love reading them. as we speak i am typing with one hand and cradling the boy in the other. our lives have changed so greatly that everything pales in comparison. C is a cutie!keep those pics coming!

  8. What has surprised you (and your honey) about parenthood so far?

  9. poppycat

    I have to admit that I love your entirely baby focused posts. I mean really, that’s where you are right now and isn’t that freaking fantastic!?! I plan to be all baby all the time if/when I have a little one to fall in love with so prepare yourself.

    As for questions…

    Have you ever told “the story of us” by J and T? Would you?

    Since you are a teacher, will you put BG in public school or private(if it was an option)? How do you feel about public VS private education on the elementry and HS level?

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