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please keep me from boring us all

It’s been a week full of visitors here at the House of Genius. My dad finally paid a visit (along with a new lady friend), and then today, Baby Genius got to meet his great-grandmother. My sweet brother drove her here today and they spent the day with us. Tomorrow, one of our very best friends comes to meet him. It’s a busy week, and BG has been great. He has given everyone a smile so far, and he has loaded us up on them regularly. I’ll never tire of that smile (although I still can’t seem to capture a photo of it).

Since he was born, I feel like I have so little to write about, so little to say that isn’t entirely or almost entirely about my son. And maybe that’s okay. I guess I just don’t want this blog to become just a space for the latest photos and stats on our baby. I mean, I know those are welcome, but shouldn’t I be able to write about more? Surely I have some specks of my brain still capable of coherent–even thoughtful–posts, right? Right?

Perhaps this is where I come in a little late to the “ask me a question” trend, for I think I need some prompts. I really want to be writing more, but I’m drawing such a blank most days. So ask away. What questions do you have? They can be questions about anything–the baby, us, living in wine country, academics, mothering choices–you name it. You’ll be doing us all a favor. Oh, and if you have questions, and you’re a lurker, and you’re still reticent to post here, send me an email at reproducinggenius at comcast dot net (although now isĀ as good a time as any to delurk!).

Let the questions commence!


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