Malea requested a photo of our milk-drunk boy, so here he is: our drunken son. We were in the Napa Valley, and he was as blotto as half of the tourists stumbling out of the wineries.

On a similar note, I pumped for the first time last night, and we now have two two-once bottles of white gold in the freezer awaiting C’s one month birthday. Once he’s a month old, J will start introducing a bottle as I work. As we were looking for a place to conveniently store the breast pump, extra bottles, and such, J found our wine bar to be quite appropriate. The milk bar now has an official location.


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10 responses to “sloshed

  1. Att

    I am so thrilled to see someone in blogland pumped bottles as an alternative for breastfeeding all the time.

    He’s so cute, all squished and drunk. Adorable.

  2. nutella

    Love that little milk drunk face! So snuggly and calm and fat and happy.

  3. OMG he’s so shleeeepy. I’m getting droggy just looking at him caught between the here and there with his eyelids not quite fully engaged:){{{yawn}}}

  4. O.M.G. that may be the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

  5. i love that your bar has become a milk bar. this is very brilliant.

    as for those beautiful cheeks, good baby making, you two! he’s such a cutie!

    thanks for the excitement and welcome and comments the other day. we have actually been working to make a plan to head up to wine country and we’d LOVE to see you. let’s email!

  6. gypsygrrl

    he is the cutest little drunk i’ve ever seen… thanks for indulging us 🙂

  7. poppycat

    I’ve had that same face before coming out of a winery there I think!

    He’s just about the sweetest thing ever.

  8. adorable drunk!!!!!!!!!!

    so awesome that he is only getting up twice at night.
    oi, i’m jealous over here….loving these updates though!

    oh, and did i mention IMPRESSED that you are working already?


  9. Sam

    love the milk drunk face. Just a note about frozen milk. Don’t be surprised if baby genius doesn’t like it as much as fresh. I would cut the frozen with fresh. Ella is bit of a milk snob and we have to mix 3/4 fresh with 1/4 frozen to trick her into drinking it (she has to have cal fort. milk 6x day) she refuses to swallow frozen milk alone. We also love the Dr Brown’s bottles. Wish I sleep as hard as a milk drunk baby.

  10. Joy

    Boy do I love milk drunk baby faces! So thank you for posting that picture. I also love your use of the terms sloshed and blotto. I was just listening to an NPR segment about a new book on terms like those!

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