We took our first walk together as a family today. I have missed walking so much, but during my last month or two of pregnancy, I was so uncomfortable that we didn’t do much walking. Today, we got to try out our stroller (and the new car seat adaptor), and take Baby Genius on his first family stroll. It was so wonderful wheeling him down the sidewalk and onto the little creekside path near our place. We must have walked for an hour, and I was so happy to have some endurance back, and to be able to walk at a decent pace. I was filled with joy the whole time, glancing over at my wife and down at our son, enjoying the fresh air, spotting figs that are almost ready to pick, and simply being outside and mobile. It was a glimpse of many walks to come, and we all loved it.

Other Baby Genius updates:

  • He does tummy time on our chests, and he lifts his head so high and for so long! This boy has a really strong neck already. We’re impressed!
  • We spent the first couple of weeks using disposable diapers until his cord fell off, but we’ve now made the transition to cloth. It’s an adventure! I think I’ll save this for a whole post later on though because I know you all are dying  to read about cloth diapering.
  • Did I mention our baby’s cord fell off? For now, I’m keeping it on a tiny shelf, but the  more I see it, the more it kind of grosses me out. Pretty soon, I’ll throw it away.
  • He’s the most amazing baby. So far, he tends to cry only briefly, and so long as we figure out what he needs, he settles almost immediately.
  • He has been cluster feeding, and since I’ve been working again this week, this has been a bit of a challenge. Today, for example, each time I thought he was going to sleep, and I began to sit down to work, he needed to eat again. Finally, at 2:00, I was able to sign on for my first hour of work. Ugh. Still, I love it, and I wouldn’t miss this for the world. After he’s four weeks old, J will start giving him a bottle of expressed milk from time to time, but for now, I’m the lone bartender at the milk bar.
  • Night times are surprisingly not bad. He usually wakes up twice. We have a dim light that I turn on. J fetches his diapering supplies, and we change him. Then I feed him, and he goes back to sleep. It’s a quiet routine meant to help him understand that night time is sleep time. It’s honestly not bad at all, but I think we both anticipate that it could change any day, so we savor the moments.
  • Have I mentioned how in love we are with him? Yeah, we’re smitten.


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5 responses to “updates

  1. We need pics of him in his milk drunkeness! Stat.

  2. A.

    It sounds like everything is going so well!

  3. nutella

    Glad you are out and walking again, it really helped recharge me in those early days of parenthood, and it seems you are experiencing the same.

  4. amyblossom

    that is great you guys are working everything out so well. it is nice when they sleep through most of the night :]

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