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recovery updates

I’m beginning to work on a birth story. It’s surprisingly emotional to write, but it’s also something I really need to do to process everything. It was a beautiful experience, but the comedown from it all–the pregnancy, the labor, the birth–is challenging. I cry over everything right now, and while I’m happy, I have many moments of struggle. There’s nothing like crashing from nine months of pregnancy hormones all in a few days.

We aren’t sleeping much. C is a great sleeper during the day, but at night, he wants to eat nearly every hour, and he hates being away from us in his moses basket (even though he’s a mere two feet from me). He manages to escape even the snugest of swaddles (even the special swaddle blankets!), and he isn’t keen on pacifiers. We’ll figure it all out, I’m sure. We’re just learning to cope with these challenges and trying to find some sense of routine.

Breastfeeding is going really well. It is challenging, and it was difficult at first learning along with him how to find the proper latch, which holds were best, and so on. My milk came in the day after we came home from the hospital, and I learned the joys of engorgement, but he helped relieve that, and now he’s a great nurser. We even nursed in public for the first time today without major incident. My mom, a former La Leche League leader, prescribed a beer or glass of wine each night, and I am obeying diligently. It’s so lovely to have a beer. So lovely.

C’s jaundice is starting to improve. We had another doctor’s appointment today after having a blood draw two days ago, and his levels were still pretty high. The doctor sent us to the hospital lab once again for immediate testing, with the threat of admitting him should his levels be higher. We were relieved to learn that his levels are significantly lower, and that he’s on the mend. More sunlight and more feeding should ensure it goes away for good. Here he is sunbathing:


I’ve had a difficult physical time with some elements of my recovery. So many doctor’s visits and trips out of the house in our first days home resulted in reinjuring a tear. Thanks to the wonder that is the sitz bath, I’m finally improving. Speaking of which, what is the deal with this package? What does this photo mean?


My last mountain to conquer with this recovery is my swollen feet. I had to have a bit of pitocin during the latter stages of my labor, and apparently one unpleasant side effect is horribly swollen feet. It’s been uncomfortable, and there seems to be little I can do to relieve them. I’m longing for the day that I can feel less like an ogre.

We’re hanging in there. This post-partum stuff is challenging, but we’re getting the hang of it. One day we’ll feel normal again, right? Whether we do or not, he’s so worth it.



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