My water broke at about 5:30 this morning. It’s an hour later, and we’re going to head to the hospital soon. I guess Egghead decided to make his debut a little early after all! More updates later.


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46 responses to “gush!

  1. Hooray! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Thinking of you guys today and sending you strength and so much love. You will do great and he will be in your arms soon! xo

  3. K

    How exciting! Good luck!

  4. Cindyhoo2

    Ohhhhh, I am so excited. See, your mpther’s intuition was right: no induction needed!

    Sending you love and light and hopes for a speedy, perfect delivery.

  5. WAHOO!!! Best of luck to all of you! Can’t wait to hear the great news and see your little Egghead!!!

  6. luckylittle13

    Good luck!

  7. Joy

    I’ll be thinking of you two and your soon-to-be-external Egghead today!

  8. These babies have a mind of their own, don’t they? Excited for you and anxious to virtually meet Mr. Egghead!

  9. wowowowow! sending lots of love and peaceful, natural labor thoughts your way.

    amazing how the full moon has such a pull on things 🙂

  10. Wooo!!! Come on out, Egghead, we can’t wait to meet you!

  11. Oh thinking of you both and egghead, too. Can’t wait to meet him.

  12. Oh that is so exciting! Yay and good luck!

  13. Woooohooooooooooo!!!! Can’t wait to hear the update!

  14. Wow! So exciting! Sending you fabulous birthing vibes. Can’t wait to hear about your beautiful birth.

  15. vee

    Good luck both! He’ll be with you before you know it. So exciting!

  16. jay

    good luck to you both!! exciting!!

  17. Steph

    Good luck to you all!

  18. WooHOO!!! So thrilled for you darling. xo Can’t wait to hear about every minute.

  19. YAY! Can’t wait to see pics of your little one.

  20. tbean

    sending you good labor vibes!

  21. Cousin

    For all of you following comments, news from the hospital:

    as of 2pm, T was in good spirits, contractions are about every 5 minutes and she is able to walk around and is not stuck in a bed, she is very happy about that.

    When I get more information & I’ve got the computer around, I’ll send another update!!

  22. How exciting!!! Good luck! Can’t wait for another update!!!!!!

  23. AAaaaaaaahhhhhh! I’m so excited. I feel like you guys have been with me on my whole fertility ride and now I’m at the top of the roller coaster with you.

    Ride the wave, mama!

    [hitting refresh… hitting refresh… hitting refresh!!!]

  24. I mean, ride that wave MAMAS!!!

  25. Aww, man. I wish your water had broken IN the home improvement store. That would have made you the biggest dykiest pregnant lady evah! Should I just stay on here and comment for however many hours it takes Egghead to join us? I could be your cyberdoula. No charge, Ma’ams. On the house.

    You’re doing a good job. Breathe.

    Now pregnant mom, you breathe. Good.


  26. Is he here yet?

    How ’bout now?


    What about now?

  27. congrats! i’m sure you egghead is here by now. enjoy him!

  28. Cousin

    as of midnight, no new news.

  29. Thinking of you both and sending healthy labor vibes, although I’m hoping you’re cuddling with Egghead by now!

  30. Cindyhoo2

    I am dying to know how things are going. I hope Egghead and the Mommies are doing well this morning.

  31. Holding you guys in my thoughts!!
    Hope you are holding him tightly in your arms right now!!!!!


  32. gypsygrrl

    not early…just HIS timing 🙂
    cannot wait for update…sending you all love and prayers and good nurse vibes from a this nancy-new-nurse!

    much love to you and J and an advanced welcome to the world for your baby boy!

    aunt gypsy

  33. Congratulations! It’s been so great reading your blog and following you through the process. I’m soo excited for you too. I keep checking back every few hours for the update. Congrats!

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  35. Clemency

    I had a dream last night about you two! It was a really nice dream, not dodgy at all. Wishing you both so much luck and best wishes for a safe arrival.

    xx Kate

  36. jay

    me and BB are here on the playmat waiting on tenterhooks…!!

  37. wow there is so much exciting news in blogland this week! Babies, bfps, etc. Can’t wait to hear the birth story and see baby’s first pics!

  38. Cousin

    Egghead had arrived!! I’ll leave it to the beautiful new Mommies to give you all the details!! Join me in welcoming the little new one to the world.

  39. Cindyhoo2

    Yay! Welcome baby and well done mommies!

  40. Well done Mommies!!!
    Can’t wait to hear!!

  41. bebebaba

    amazing! so happy for you two…congrats!

  42. Congratulations & so much love!!!

  43. Jean

    Way to go mommies!!!! Welcome little egghead.

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