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39 weeks and belly shots

Today is vastly improved over yesterday. I’m feeling proactive and informed and strong again. Yesterday, though, yesterday I was a mess. I cried on and off the entire day until I went to sleep. It sucked. I felt like the end of this pregnancy had somehow become tainted, as though I had done something wrong. It was the worst feeling, and I’m so glad to be rid of it today.

Ultimately, the doctors and midwives have given me no reason beyond “big baby” for induction. They haven’t told me I’m too small or that he’s too big or that my health is in danger or that his health is in danger. None of this has been the case, and according to most reliable, peer-reviewed sources on the matter, a large baby isn’t a medical reason for induction. It’s almost always in the best interest of the mother and the baby to let labor begin on its own. I’m happy with this, and I’m happy to remember that I come from a long line of moms who deliver big babies. I’m built for this. These hips that have made shopping for jeans so impossible my whole life were made to do this. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I have begun some measures to move Egghead down. Today I insisted on accompanying my wife to the home improvement store and the grocery store so that I could walk around in the comfort of air conditioning for a couple of hours, and it was great. I’m now fastidiously taking my evening primrose oil, drinking my raspberry leaf tea, and indulging in some nice intimate time with my wife as well (not surprisingly, this is my favorite activity of them all). Today, I’ve had some good contractions and have felt Egghead a bit lower (although he likes to go back up still), and I feel good about it all. I’m not rushing anything (there will be no castor oil in this house), but I’m happy to help him move along a little at a time without pressure or stress or the feeling that I’ve done anything wrong.

And so, today, we hit 39 weeks. It’s been a great day, and we’ve been able to stay close to one another and enjoy each other’s company. This is such a special time in our lives, and I’m grateful that we’ve got the opportunity to spend it together.

Now for what everyone’s truly been waiting for: the 39 week belly shots. J has vowed to take a photo of me every day until delivery now, for she says any day could be the day. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. And for the first time, I reveal the bare belly. I can’t believe it, but I have no stretch marks.




Yes, this is the belly with the enormous baby that my OB practice is so afraid of. It’s big, but I’ve seen bigger! Here are a couple more, including today’s “just in case shot.”

Yes, I do have a face.

Yes, I do have a face.

Off to the hardware store.

Off to the home improvement store like the good lesbian I am.


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