10 days

Today marks ten days until our due date. It is also one day until my birthday, and 244 days since we learned I was pregnant. Here we are, our lives on the verge of the hugest change we’ve ever encountered, and J and I are becoming impatient.

We thought the majority or our baby preparations were complete, but we keep finding more.  The following are the projects we have found to busy ourselves just in the last two days:

  • Yesterday, for example, after finding some lovely new drapes, we decided our bedroom needed a mini makeover. This also involved closet organization, cleaning, and more. It was great, and the end result is lovely. I’m sure Egghead will be delighted.
  • I have also finally finished my cloth diaper wipe project. We cut out a bunch of wipes from some great old flannel fabric a few months ago, but I have been putting off finishing the edges. Yesterday was the day to do it, and now we have dozens of flannel baby wipes. This is something I began to worry I wouldn’t ever finish, so it feels good to see the stack of cute little wipes.
  • We organized the clothes in Egghead’s closet, using different colored hangers to signal different clothing sizes.
  • We had the carseat inspected at our local AAA office (I highly recommend this! They’re wonderful!).
  • We have gathered documents to take with us to the hospital (marriage certificate, birth plan, and more).

Yesterday, we also spent an hour counting contractions. I was having them every twenty minutes or so, but then they stopped. I haven’t had any regular bouts of them today–yet, anyway–but it’s fun to practice nevertheless. I feel like the baby’s head may be dropping down a little now, which would be some nice progress. I won’t know anything official, however, until Wednesday’s midwife appointment.

Any time he’s ready, so are we. He’s just getting too big to stay in there much longer. Do you hear that Egghead? We’re ready for you (we even have nice, soft, flannel diaper wipes for you!). Any time now…



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13 responses to “10 days

  1. A.

    Your mommas are ready, Egghead!! 🙂

    Thank you for the car seat inspection recommendation!! I was wondering where to do that.

    • reproducinggenius

      Just call your local AAA office, and ask them if they have someone who does it. Even if they don’t, they’ll likely be able to tell you who does (this is often someone at the police or fire department). It is SO helpful and informative. We learned a lot in just a short time.

  2. Did you hear your Moms Egghead? They are now ready to meet you!

    I am so excited for this birth!!

  3. Wow, Egghead is going to have a wonderfully organized nest to come home to! So soon!

  4. Oh, the waiting is SO hard. I hope this time goes quickly for you both.

  5. so excited for the both of you. i know egghead is going to appreciate all the preparation.

  6. Egghead, do not, I repeat, do not be like Cupcake and stay in there a whole week longer than necessary. You are COOKED my friend…hard boiled…and we’d love to meet you any time now.

  7. I can’t wait to meet Egghead! Glad things are all falling into place!

  8. Jodi

    I keep threatening to stimulate her nipples while she sleeps! Seriously, he’s getting really big, and my poor wife is really uncomfortable lately. Hurry up, baby!

  9. Joy

    So close! Enjoy your last days just the two of you and he’ll arrive as soon as he’s ready!

  10. nutella

    Dear Egghead, as someone who was born on September 14, I would like to tell you that it is a terrible terrible day for a birthday. Do yourself a favor and come out this week. You’ll thank me for years to come!

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  12. Awwwh. We are ready to meet him too!!!!!
    I am so excited for you!!!!!!


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