38 week ramblings

This morning I awoke to my wife spooning me with her hand on my belly. She was marveling that she and Egghead were both awake, and I was still sound asleep. They were having some sweet morning time together as I imagine they might once he’s born. We spent the next half an hour letting Egghead know what he’s got to look forward to on the outside. We talked about everything from books to food to family adventures. He seemed to enjoy the conversation; we just hope we were convincing.

Today we  hit 38 weeks. We’re officially two weeks from our due date. Time is just flying by. I guess we’re just not one of those families for whom the ninth month is the slowest. We have just had so much to do! I occasionally have some contractions when I am up and around. Unfortunatley, I’m still chained to my computer for six hours a day until the end of the week, so finding the time to be up and around has been a little challenging. We’re trying to fit in small walks whenever we can. Sadly, my horrid pubic bone pain is also preventing me from spending a lot of time walking. Oh how I miss my long walks. I’m going to welcome them so much once he’s born.

We’re starting to field many more phonecalls from family. Whereas my mom and I typically only talk on the phone once a week, now she’s calling every other day. My brother, who usually calls me once a month, is now calling me on a weekly basis. Even my dad, who never calls is starting to call me every few weeks. It’s a little funny, but I do find their excitement endearing. Hell, we’re excited too.

I think it’s safe to say we’re in full-on nesting mode. My wife scrubbed the counter tops yesterday, and today we got up and immediately started organizing food and spices in the kitchen cabinets. She recently shampooed the carpets, and I’m just waiting for her to begin washing the walls. The woman is on fire. Of course, I keep seeing these projects that I am just dying to do too–things that are sort of my thing but are impossible with a gargantuan belly in the way, but I don’t want to wear my wife out, so I am trying to let them go.

My work scales back quite a lot as of Friday. I’ll be down to three hours a day, five days a week, which I’m looking forward to. The job I have is an online educational support position, and mostly I respond to student essays, train new instructors, and screen new employees, although I occasionally work in live chat rooms with students. It is a job that I can literally keep doing until I go into labor. I even spoke with one woman who worked with live students through her early labor! This is not something I will do, but it really is possible. I will probably try to start working again two weeks after Egghead’s arrival. It will be a challenge, but because I can work my three hours a day from home at any time and in any increments, I’m hoping it will be a good way to keep my brain functioning (and a little bit of a paycheck coming in).

My mom is coming for a quick overnight visit tomorrow, which will be lovely. She wants to celebrate my upcoming birthday and take us out to dinner. We are not complaining. This also gives us an opportunity to debrief before the big day so that we can discuss with her what we’ve been learning in birth class, what some of our preferences are for the birth, what roles she can play and so on. It’s like a little birth team meeting! That and I think she’s delivering a bunch of new diaper covers. Woohoo!

I keep reading that I’m going to start having trouble sleeping, but I honestly sleep pretty well. I am forever going to advocate that pregnant women sleep on memory foam mattresses, for this has saved me and my hips. So has my body pillow. My only real discomforts in the night are my pubic bone pain (which is resolved by flopping my top leg over the body pillow), the once-a-night heartburn wake-up call (the T.ums are right by the bed), and the regular need to pee. Peeing, though, is no big deal. I have mastered the art of napping while on the toilet, and getting out of bed is also an easy way for me to move the body pillow so that I can easily sleep on my other side. In other words, I’ve gotten very efficient at dealing with any and all nighttime annoyances, so I sleep really well right through the night. I’m told this can still change, and I accept that, but for now, I’m pleased since I know very well that full nights of sleep will soon be a distant memory.

We have started to make some food to freeze. Last weekend, I made a tasty chicken tortilla soup, and we froze a bunch of it. Today I’ll make a bunch of marinara sauce to freeze. We don’t have much freezer space, but even making up these little things will help when it comes to needing food when we’re too harried/tired/overwhelmed to cook. Casserole type dishes are out of the question  due to lack of space (although I might have to throw together some enchiladas), but if you have any suggestions for shortcut meal ideas that we can partially prep now, we’ll welcome them!



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10 responses to “38 week ramblings

  1. It sounds like you ladies are doing fabulous! If you like black beans – I have a delicious recipe for black bean soup that is easy to make and holds really well in the freezer. Let me know and I will send it your way. 🙂

  2. Jodi

    No washing walls, I promise!

  3. nutella

    Aww, morning snuggles. It’s nice that you will be able to keep at the 3 hours a day job. Making your own schedule when Egghead is new to the world will be doable, especially if you can do your job one handed!

    Can’t think of any recipies to share at the moment, but when we had Miles we had many people bring us food the first few weeks. I’m ashamed to admit I got a little tired of lasagne.

  4. A.

    Smart call on cooking ahead!! I can’t believe you’re 38 weeks…where has time gone?

    You’re doing so well….what an exciting time!

  5. That’s so great that you’re still able to sleep! No new ideas on the food–we froze casseroles, marinara sauce, and cooked broccoli rabe (to go with pasta). If you can manage to get people to bring food, I highly recommend it.

  6. I second what krafty said….definitely ask your close friends and family to bring prepared food for you guys. EVEN if you don’t want to have them in. They can drop food off in a bin at the door! Seriously! Those first few days are so special….and good friends will understand you needing space and a little time.

    How awesome that you’re getting great sleep!! I really believe that is so important and the best thing you can be doing for your body! You will have the strength for the hard work of labor!

    So much love to you guys….the time is fast approaching!

  7. joul

    If you can manage it, I’d buy another small freezer. Our large freezer filled up quickly with breastmilk and shopping trips became nearly impossible once babies arrived. We ended up buying a lot of frozen food and having even less space. Just an idea.

    • reproducinggenius

      I *wish* another freezer were an option on any level. Unfortunately, we live in a small appartment and just don’t have any sort of space for such a luxury. One day, maybe. It’s certainly a good idea for those who have the space and the means for acquiring one! 🙂

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