birth art and other weekend adventures

It’s amazing what one can do when there is no work to be done over the weekend and no out-of-town guests to host. J and I were beside ourselves on Saturday when we awoke and discovered we could do whatever we wanted. I didn’t touch my computer–the thing that has been attached to me for at least eight hours a day for months on end. We just enjoyed ourselves doing little things I’ve had on my to-do lists for ages.

One of the things I have wanted to do since I read Birthing from Within is to spend some time creating birth art. She has some wonderful prompts that are great for working through pregnancy and birth. I’m a terrible painter, but I still love doing it, and we finally had time. Here are a few samples, and some appear to be blurry. Oh well.

The first is from a prompt asking me to depict what it will like for me to be in birth. In the end, I came up with a wave. I’m resting on the wave; I’m riding the wave, and eventually, I’m birthing within the wave. Here’s what that looks like:

Birth Wave

Birth Wave

The next is something of a self-portrait:


And, while this looks like a hurricane, it’s a practice in me visualizing my cervix opening, or rather, an abstraction thereof:


My wife created this piece, which I love. It’s our birth with her, my mom, a midwife, and me (the naked one)

Women with Wild Hair

Women with Wild Hair

And J insists that I share this photo she caught of me painting. I’m wearing what I call my tomato shirt. When I wear it, I appear as though I’m 18 months pregnant (or a giant tomato), but it covers my belly, and that’s more than can be said for most of my shirts these days:

T is for Tomato

T is for Tomato

Saturday morning, we went to one of our favorite local farms to get some tomatoes, eggs, and such, and we walked around their flower gardens–so beautiful. Here I am with the fields of sunflowers, zinnia, and more:


And some of the flowers:



We even found a yardsale–a multi-family yardsale–which turned out to be a family yardsale–three different families of lesbians. What fun! I’m telling you, it was a great weekend for this sort of thing.

By the time we got home, it was time for me to make my Chicken Tortilla Soup, so I spent some time up and cooking, and I also had some of my first productive-seeming contractions. I had to sit and breathe through them, and I felt some good pressure. This prompted us to pack our bags for the hospital. It feels good to have that done, even though Egghead isn ‘t showing any new signs of making his grand entrance soon. Later in the evening, a friend came over to take photos of me, and I’ll share those once I’ve processed them (within a day or two). It was such a lovely time, and it’s great to have some photos so close to Egghead’s arrival. It was a lovely day all around.

Today, we have a midwife appointment, and I get to have my hair cut. More updates to come, but I just had to share because it feels so damn good to have something positive to write about, to feel this lightness about me. I am so grateful for all of these moments.



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7 responses to “birth art and other weekend adventures

  1. The Neighbor

    I am really glad that you had a relaxing weekend and got to do some things you wanted to do. Good luck with your appointment today. And have a great time getting your hair done. Thanks for letting me be a part of your weekend, it was fun. 🙂

  2. j

    Beautiful pictures! You look so cute!

  3. A.

    It sounds like a lovely weekend, all around! Love the art…what a neat outlet.

  4. nutella

    Very impressed by your art, may your birth be as powerful and as beautiful as you have painted it in your imagination and on paper!

  5. poppycat

    Lovely, lovely and lovely.

  6. gypsygrrl

    i am in awe of the birth art…my fav is the self-portrait. and you look stunning!!! 🙂

    thinking of you and J and egghead and cant wait to hear all the updates of his progress and arrival…

    egghead, you got a lotta internet aunties who are waiting to see your handsome face! and you got two awesome mommas who are ready for you! 🙂


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