a bit more progress

We are finally home after hours at the salon (which should have been more like an hour and a half. grr.), and I have a little bit of an update on the Egghead front (what this has to do with the salon, I do not know).

This morning, we had a midwife appointment. On my way in to do my urine test, I saw the OB in the hall, and she was excited as can be to see me, so she rubbed my belly and told Egghead she couldn’t wait to meet him. She also asked if there had been any activity lately, and I told her of my Saturday contractions and movement. She was delighted to hear this. Once I did my test, the nurse was waiting for me outside of the restroom (this neverhappens–we usually have to wait for at least half an hour). She had already grabbed J, and we were headed to the exam room. On the way, my weight was taken–I’m up a pound, so a whole three pounds now since the beginning–and my blood pressure was taken once we got in. It was up a bit at 130/72, the highest it’s ever been. They seemed to be happy with it, and the nurse thought it was just because I had been hustling about, which is likely.

When the midwife came, she was ready to do an internal exam. She too was delighted to hear about the weekend’s activity, so with that, she decided to check for some progress. Once again, she was full of cervical flattery. (What can I say? The woman is in love with my cervix.) Upon feeling around and giving me some eye-opening pain (she may have massaged my cervix a little), she declared my cervix between 1-2cm dilated. Holy moly! Egghead has still not descended much more, but she’s very impressed with the progress of the cervix, and so am I. J and I were both incredibly excited by this news, and while we know it can still be quite some time before arrives, it’s reassuring nonetheless to know that my body is doing what it’s supposed to do. Of course, Egghead continues to grow as well. The midwife says he is measuring “done.” He is fully cooked.

So here we are! We go to weekly appointments now, and our next appointment is next Wednesday with the other midwife we like. Tomorrow, we’ll finally have our phone interview with the singing doula, and before long, before we even know it really, we’re going to have a baby.



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13 responses to “a bit more progress

  1. Oh wow! That is really exciting news! He is going to be here before you know it. Loved the paintings in the previous post, btw.
    Soon…very soon Egghead!

  2. J

    It’s so close now! Good luck Mamas!

  3. K

    Exciting! Won’t be long now!

  4. Holy Moly is right! It will be any day now!

  5. A.

    Holy dilation! 🙂 That’s wonderful news…..can’t wait, Egghead!

  6. Yay for progress! Sounds like he’s preparing for his arrival.

  7. Woo hoo!!! Your body is doing some awesome work right now!!!
    The time is coming soooooon!!!
    Can’t wait to meet this boy!!!

  8. oh memories. i’m so excited for you! you are going to have an amazing birth experience. i know it!

  9. oh my goooodnesssssss!!!! squeal!!
    I better haul my ass to the post office soon!

  10. gypsygrrl

    you know, Maternal-Newborn Nursing was my most favorite nursing class in terms of amazement at the human body. your body really does know what to do and will do it in its own time…its a beautiful miracle to know is happening…

    love to you all,

  11. Great progress! It’s happening!!!

  12. tbean

    Wowee wow wow. He is coming so soon. Thinking of you and wishing for a beautiful birth. xo

  13. how exciting! keep up the good work- and take it easy, too.

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