36 weeks/9 months/omg

Well here we are, a week away from full term, nine months pregnant. I still keep asking my wife how this happened, and I’m still in more than a little disbelief. But there is a very big baby taking up residence in my belly, and pretty soon, he’s going to have to come out.

J and I shared this morning that neither of us can truly grasp that there really is going to be a baby us permanently pretty soon. There are pictures we both have of bringing him home, introducing him to the cats, even changing him or nursing him, but the little daydream always ends with a question mark. Then what? It is so hard to know what to expect, despite our years of fantasies about our child. I’m sure plenty of that time will be  hard; I’m sure  plenty of it will be joyful. We’re both excited for it and nervous as hell, and I suppose in most ways, we’re about as ready as we’ll be until he actually gets here.

Today we have a midwife appointment with the one midwife we have yet to meet at our OB practice. She is the one that everyone has lovely things to say about, so we’re looking forward to this. I may also have my Group B Strep test today. Then tomorrow, we tour the new hospital to see how we feel about it. Honestly, I think we both know we’re leaning toward it. Things are falling into place somehow.

I seem to slow down a bit more each day, and then I have these bursts of energy where I feel relatively normal–until I’m on my feet. Yesterday, I took my wife on a picnic to this lovely winery with great picnic grounds and hiking trails. I knew we wouldn’t be hiking, but we were able to spend some time outside, and anytime we walked much of anywhere, I was gripped with the need to sit down immediately. I hate that feeling, but I’m surrendering to it more often these days, and it does keep me going. Here’s evidence, though, that I still can walk around, despite the giant belly:

pregnant in the vineyards

pregnant in the vineyards

We’re down to weeks to go, folks–no more months. I just need him to stay put for at least one more week so that I can finish planning myclass, take a nice deep breath (ha!) and feel a teensy bit more ready.



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8 responses to “36 weeks/9 months/omg

  1. A.

    I share your excitement/nervousness for our boy as well…you’re not alone. I can’t believe you’re 36 weeks! Wowza! You do look wonderful, by the way.

  2. Congrats, you’re so close!

  3. Can’t wait until the time comes when I come to this blog and see pictures of your little one.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe how close you are! You look amazing.

    I hope that boy stays put until you finish your class prep!

  5. Amy

    it’s true, you can’t imagine what life will be like until you come home from the hospital…but you will find out soon :] Yay!

  6. Yowza! A week until your due date??? Time has flown by. Let’s hope the smart guy stays put until your class is finished…..maybe you better put in some finishing touches PDQ?

    Also, these inquiring minds will need you tell us every step you take toward delivery. Chenges in position, Mucus plugs, the works. Those of us still in line need some vicarious excitement! 🙂

    • reproducinggenius

      Not a week from the due date, but a week from 37 weeks, or full-term. They say anytime after 37 weeks, they’re ready.

  7. nutella

    You wanna sit, you sit, ok? You are doing great and he’ll be here soon.

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