Happy Birthday, J!


Thirty-something years ago, a baby girl was born at just 30 weeks. She weighed a little over two pounds, and her doctors didn’t believe she would make it. In fact, they had so little faith, she was delivered by a nurse. But this baby girl fought hard, and she made it.

Thirty-something years later, she is the woman I wake up to every morning, the woman who fills my life with joy and beauty, the woman I call my wife.

My J has had to fight and exhibit so much strength through so many of her years, but through it all she is still warm, and funny, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. When she loves, she loves big–far bigger than anyone might expect of someone in just a 5’2″ frame. I am such a lucky woman to be the recipient of that love, to know the strength of this woman, to wake to her beauty and her sparkly smile every day.

Happy birthday, my love.


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11 responses to “Happy Birthday, J!

  1. boo

    Happy birthday J! What an incredible birth story. I love that you were caught by a nurse! Have a fabulous day.

  2. Happy Birthday, J! I’m glad you’re a fighter!

  3. wow, amazing!

  4. nutella

    Happy birthday! May the next 30 be wonderful as well!

  5. vee

    Aww, how sweet! And what a remarkable story. Happy Birthday J!

  6. J

    What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday J!

  7. happy 30 something birthday j!

  8. Default midwives rule.

    Happy birthday, indeed. Now I’m all teary with the love from that post.

  9. Such a great story!

    ~~*Happy Birthday!!!*~~

  10. poppycat

    Awww, you made my nose tingle.

    Happy birthday J!

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