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out-the-door updates

We’re getting ready for a trip out of town, so I need to post some very quick updates.

  • Tomorrow, I am officiating my first wedding–the wedding of two of our very dear friends. We’re so excited! J is performing a reading as well. Each time we run through the ceremony, I burst into tears. I need to get a handle on these pregnancy-induced tearfests before tomorrow evening arrives! My strategy: think about cat vomit. There’s nothing emotional about cat vomit.
  • We finally got to attend our birth class. It was great. Because the bank robber kept us from attending our first, the instructor gave us a gift (a stuffed animal). There were also many other gifts, which we’ll likely be passing on since she seems to get all of the free crap from the formula companies. Grrr.  More importantly, the content of the class is good. She’s a nurse at one of the local hospitals and knows our hospital very well too, so she is able to recommend rooms, give us the lowdown on protocol, etc. On top of that, her instruction covers a number of different approaches to pain management, and I like that. I was a bit nervous when we walked into her home and there were bible verse plaques all over the place, but she used “partner” for the entire class, and when she kept J and I after class to update us on the first class, she referred to the baby and the birth as ours–not just mine. The other students in the class are all a good ten years younger than J and I. There are just three other couples, and they’re all quite sweet.
  • Yesterday was our midwife appointment. At first, Egghead measured a full three weeks ahead, but he was also sticking his foot out. At this point, the midwife thought she may need to order an ultrasound, but after a few moments, she measured again. Egghead had politely removed his foot, and he now measured his usual two weeks ahead. He’s still a big baby. Everything ultimately looks good.
  • Next time, we’ll be seeing another midwife in the practice because we want to meet all of them before the big day arrives. Any one of them could be attending the birth. The one we’re meeting in two weeks has an amazing reputation. Our childbirth educator just raved about her wonderfulness, and when I made my next appointment, the receptionist asked if I’d met her yet, and then she lit up saying, “You’re going to LOVE her!” We’re excited. We also learned from our childbirth educator that the first midwife we saw in the practice–we”ll call her Hummingbird (the one who couldn’t find Egghead’s heartrate and who kind of freaked out about it)–is really NOT someone we want to have attend our birth. She’s apparently very quick to suggest interventions. That makes me nervous, and I sincerely hope we can avoid her for our birth. Ugh.
  • Egghead started doing this weird bouncy thing yesterday. He moves rhythmically–slower than hiccups, almost to the beat of my heart. We mentioned this to the midwife, and she thinks he’s bobbing because he’s buoyant. We think he’s discovered Bob Marley.
  • We made significant progress on the nursery. There are photos. We will share them after we return.


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