Last week, J and I came home to find a package at our door, and inside was this amazing gift from the girls at Chronicles of Conception:


I had wondered what we would call Egghead once he made his grand entrance into the world, but Tiff has solved that for me. Yes, after he’s born, Egghead will be referred to as Baby Genius (or BG)–in blogland that is. What an amazing gift. Thank you, girls! By the way, if you haven’t checked out their wonderful organic onesies, do so. They’re making a new one each month, and I can attest to the quality of these things. They’re beautiful and ever so soft.

In other news, we have our first birth class, and we’re incredibly excited. The instructor comes highly recommended by our midwife, so we hope it’s as good as we think it will be. Full report to come tomorrow.

ETA: No birth class for us tonight. On our way to the class, which is in a nearby town, about 18 miles away, we came to a police roadblock. It seems someone robbed a bank at gunpoint and was still at large. They were thus blocking the only highway taking us to our class. We are sorely disappointed.



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5 responses to “fabulousness

  1. A.

    Love love love the onesies, and they fit you smarties so well! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the missed class. But I’m curious to know overall what birth class route you’re taking….one that’s naturally-focused, or offered through the hospital…keep us posted!

    • reproducinggenius

      The birth class choice was a difficult one. The one we originally wanted to take was offered by a midwife and was entirely focused on natural birth but also on the rite of passage that is birth. Unfortunately, her only class this summer was going to take us well past our due date, and we didn’t want to take those chances.

      So, we asked our midwife what she recommended. Oddly enough, she told us the hospital classes at the hospital where we’re ending up are almost entirely natural childbirth focused (in fact, I guess people have complained that this hospital is *too* focused on natural childbirth–whatever that is supposed to mean).

      She also recommended a private class offered by a labor and delivery nurse, and this is what we’re taking. She focuses almost solely on natural birth but does have one night that focuses on potential interventions. Her classes get rave reviews, so we’re hoping it goes well. Hopefully next week, we’ll actually be able to get there!

  2. poppycat

    I just got the mommy squared onesie delivered to my door yesterday afternoon and you are right, they are so soft and the quality is great. Those BG onesies are damn cute!

    PS – stupid bank robber!

  3. awwwh! i feel so honoured!! thank you for this sweet mention!!!!
    i’m so happy you guys love them and just can’t wait to see them on your little man!!!

    yikes though…sorry about the bank robber. that bites!!!!


  4. LOVE the name for you little one. Too cute and those onesies are fab!

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