I’ve been tagged…

I have been tagged by A. at Adding Baby, and it’s been oh so long since I’ve done a meme. What could be better way to kick off a holiday weekend?

For the Kreativ Blogger award the rules of acceptance are simple: list seven things you love and then pass the award to seven blogs you love.

Things I Love:

  1. Swimming and that wonderful feeling of weightlessness that comes with it
  2. The heirloom tomatoes that are finally showing up at farmer’s market
  3. The way my wife spoils me
  4. The yellow and red gerber daisies sitting in a vase on our table
  5. This little guy who is constantly morphing my belly
  6. My wife
  7. Che.rry Gar.cia Ice Cream Bars

The blogs I love:

See my blogroll to the right. I can’t tag anyone because that would involve choosing just seven blogs, and if you don’t already know this about me, I’m indecisive. So, if you haven’t gotten to do this meme yet, and you are really loving seven things, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. mmmm cherry garcia mmmmmm

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