baby gear galore

We’re still here. It’s a bit of a crazy week. We decided to take a whirlwind trip to my mom’s house to celebrate our niece turning one. It’s so hard to believe that she’s already a year old, and it’s making us realize just how quickly Egghead’s first year will likely go.

Part of the trip involved meeting up with my mom at I.kea. We needed to pick up a crib mattress because we just learned that two of our dear friends went in on a crib for us! Wow. During the shopping trip, my mom insisted on purchasing the mattress, and not just the cheap, this-will-be-fine mattress we  had planned to purchase. No, she wanted to get the best they had to offer. My mom, in fact, has been extraordinarily generous. Today, she ordered the stroller we wanted, pictured here. It’s the City Mini (by Baby Jogger):



Honestly, we’re overwhelmed with the outpouring of generosity we’re experiencing. J and I work pretty hard to acquire our basic needs, and we have been working extra hard to acquire the basic needs to care for our son. Now, with all of the generous gifts we’re receiving, we’re almost completely ready for him. In fact, his room is starting to look more nursery and less office each day. Below are a few of the delightful items we have thus far:


This pile of items includes our first two major purchases: carseat and moses basket, and then in the box is a swing/infant seat which my brother and sister-in-law gifted us (yet to be assembled).


Here we have a changing pad, animals, and comfort items, many of which have been gifts. The white bear was given to us by a friend in our first year of TTC. The giant crocodile is something J and I simply couldn’t resist. The blue giraffe is something my mom couldn’t resist. We all had a hell of a time using our will power in I.kea.


And then there are some other special items. I started crocheting this blanket during my first trimester on J’s insistance. I was so worried that by doing so I would somehow jinx my pregnancy, but I just kept working on it, and last week, it was complete. On the right is a hat, which is the first of many I’m sure to make for this boy.

We also have managed to acquire a ton of used baby boy clothes. People who don’t even have kids–and some who are still trying–have been bringing us the used clothes of people they know. People we don’t know have been sending us clothes through mutual friends. It’s really remarkable, and there are so many cute items. We have literally opened our front door to find bags of clothes hanging on the doorknob from neighbors.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t know what we did to deserve such generosity, but we feel positively blessed that so many want to help us welcome our son into the world. This weekend we’re visiting our old hometown where the crib-buying friends are throwing us a shower. We have so many old friends attending, some of our mentors, former colleagues, people who were family to us for the years we lived in Humboldt. We’re both overwhelmed with excitement to see them and to be able to share this new chapter of our lives with them.

And so it seems, with just eleven weeks to go until our due date that somehow we’re going to have everything ready for this baby boy. Whether we will actually be ready is another question entirely, but baby gear he will have.

I just can’t wait to meet him.



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8 responses to “baby gear galore

  1. A.

    What nice things, and I love your knitting! Great job on that.

    I’m a firm believer that what you’re receiving in generosity is good karma. I have no doubt you’ve given of yourself countless times before, in this life and in others.

    I can’t believe only 11 weeks left!

  2. Beautiful things! I am happy that people have helped you with the physical needs of little Egghead. Honestly, this is just how people in my life tend to function with babies. The short-time I was pregnant people began offering me stuff and even now people say “I am still holding onto such and such for you.” I love the way people become more generous when a baby is involved. You guys deserve all this nice-ness.

  3. the generosity is overwhelming isn’t it? and it just continues once the baby is born as well! we got more gifts this weekend!

  4. So exciting! We, too, were blown away by people’s generosity. Just watch…you’ll keep getting gifts and things in the mail for weeks after he’s born (oh, Jessie just said the same thing lol)

  5. that knitting is super cute. only 11 weeks..thats really exciting! i’m sure you guys are so ready for little guy!

  6. We registered for the exact same stroller! I love the colors in the crocheted blanket.

  7. poppycat

    I love that blanket and hat T. How nice that you have so much support. They go through clothes so fast (so i hear) that you are lucky you don’t have to buy them all. One of my friends told me that after the 3rd wardrobe change of the day for her son, she doesn’t care what he has on as long as it’s clean. She said it could be a tutu for all she cares!

    Looks like you two will be ‘ready’ for that boy when he arrives! 11 weeks, HOLY CRAP!

  8. coughingupcake

    That generosity with babies is so awesome isn’t it?! Although it was in a hetero marriage, I swear we didn’t buy anything for our first daughter the entire first year. People gave us mostly new clothes of varying sizes and it totally worked out! Got everything from crib to sterilizer to pram to just…everything. I look forward to experiencing this with my lady when we begin this journey in a few years.

    Congratulations everything thus far. 😀

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