holy third trimester!

How did this happen? All of my little email updates are placing me in the third trimester now. The third trimester. As in the last trimester before the baby comes.

Throughout this pregnancy, I have been a mix of emotions. When I think about the fact that we are this far in, I sometimes get really excited. J and I muse about how eager we are to meet Egghead, how sometimes it feels like we just can’t wait any longer.

And then I see “third trimester” or “seven months” and this overwhelming panic sets in. September is just around the corner, and then we’re going to have this baby who is going to change our lives forever in more ways than we can imagine. Those moments of reality settling in are important. I don’t want to arrive at the hospital still in denial that this (a baby) could possibly happen to us, but I have a funny feeling that I’m going to be feeling this way for awhile yet.

Of course I’m not freaked like this all the time. These are just the moments of stark terror that seem to be normal amongst parents-to-be. They make me feel alive in a funny sort of way.

Since we’re now in the third trimester, we have all kinds of third trimester things going on.

  • Our first baby shower is next week(!), and it turns out there will actually be real, live people in attendance (other than me, J, and the hosts).
  • We have officially enrolled in a birth class that begins July 7 and continues through the end of August.
  • We have scheduled a tour of the hospital.
  • We will be tackling the nursery again soon, meaning we’ll sell our futon, move our desk (so that there’s an office area and a baby area), and generally prepare a space that our son–and all of the things that accompany him–can occupy when he arrives.
  • We both feel (and see) Egghead move more than ever. J says that while she once found it soothing to have my belly pressed against her back with the baby kicking gently, she now finds that it keeps her from sleeping. His cute little kicks have morphed into these movements that are quite big and earnest these days, and I often sit and watch my belly take on whole new shapes as he does his crazy little workouts.
  • I am getting huger (see evidence below).




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12 responses to “holy third trimester!

  1. tbean

    Great photo–you have that pregnant glow in it. 🙂

  2. Wow. Big changes, big excitement!

  3. How DID that happen? I can’t believe that you are in your 3rd trimester!! Congrats! Beautiful picture!

  4. nutella

    enjoythe 3rd tri, hope the heat isn’t too terrible. you look wonderful!

  5. happy third trimester! you look beautiful!

  6. A.

    Wowza, third trimester!! Congrats on such a big milestone! You look absolutely beautiful.

  7. Wow, time is flying, that is for sure. Third trimester?! Beautiful photo!!

  8. alimis

    Congrats on being in your third trimester! You all will be very busy lasies for the next few months-enjoy it!The picture is absolutely lovely.

  9. Jodi

    My, but you are gorgeous, aren’t ya?

  10. poppycat

    Holy crap T! There IS a baby in your belly and it’s coming! Soon! You look great and the bump is adorable.

    Enjoy the moments and have a great time at your shower.

  11. You look great!!! The 3rd trimester is really good. Take some deep breaths your baby is coming soon. Have a wonderful time at your shower. xoxo L

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