flying colors

After I made it through all of yesterday without a call from the doctor’s office, I felt that I might be in the clear with the glucose tolerance test. It turns out I am. At our appointment today, we learned that my levels were all perfectly normal and that I have nothing to worry about. I have never enjoyed normalcy more than during this pregnancy. It can truly be a beautiful thing.

Our appointment today was one of our best yet. We met a new midwife, and we’re sticking with her. It didn’t hurt that she and I were both wearing big moonstone pendants and were able to superficially bond over that right away. However, everything about her was just lovely. She was so grounded and pleasant. Her energy was calming. She was reassuring about so many things, and she was interested in getting to know us. She took her time, asking us questions about how we met, how we had gone through the  process of getting pregnant, and so on. She even shared with us that she had contemplated using a sperm bank when she was single and thinking of having another baby. We got to tell her that we were hoping for a midwife-attended birth, and she thought that was wonderful. Really, it was a half hour of sheer pleasantness. The fact that it was half an hour may be the most shocking thing of all (we’ve been lucky to get ten minutes with the doctor before she rushes out the door).

It seems that everything looks good as well. Egghead’s heartbeat sounded great, and he kicked and kicked as she found it. The slightly scary moment came when the midwife measured my fundal height. I’m measuring at 29 weeks–two weeks ahead. J has been joking with me that he’s going to be a big baby, and the midwife confirmed that she thinks he’s a pretty big baby. However, she also reassured me that since my mom delivered large babies vaginally (I was nine pounds; my sister was ten) that my genetics are in my favor, and looking at me, she thought I looked like I was built to handle this.

Floating in the back of my mind now, though, is that we were told at our last appointment that my fibroids may cause me to measure large as well, so this could be a combination of Egghead and the fibroids. I’ll have to ask about that at the next appointment. She’s scheduled me for three weeks, and thereafter, I’ll come in every two for awhile. We’ll continue seeing her, and we’re so excited.

We also got information on some good local birth classes, and it looks like we’ll start one at the end of this month that will take us through the end of August. She had a great philosophy about birth classes suggesting that while the “brand name” classes are all great, they are each their own type of tool, and that she tends to recommend something a little more comprehensive to bulk up our birth toolboxes so that we’re not left with just a screwdriver when what we really need is a hammer. I always like a toolbox analogy.

J and I left the appointment talking about how much we really liked her, and we sincerely hope she will be able to attend our birth. The last little glitch that we have to find out about is whether the midwives at our practice attend specific patients’ births or whether we just get whomever is on call. Of course, we hope the case is the former.



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14 responses to “flying colors

  1. woo hoo on all fronts!

  2. Congrats on passing the glucose test – yay! I’m glad you’re loving the new midwife too.

  3. alimis

    THe visit sounds absolutely lovely. A midwife is the absolute best way to go if possible. Ours also gives us so much of her time when we have visits and does not get annoyed when I have a thousand questions or concerns. I am so glad that you have found one that you feel at ease with.
    Also, congrats on rocking the glucose test.

  4. vee

    That’s great news. Always good to know that the right people will have your back through this.

  5. YAY for passing and for a great appt. And LOL on loving the toolbox analogy 🙂

  6. A.

    Congrats on all fronts! It must be such a relief to be done with that glucose test, and to find a midwife that you connect with. I also like that toolbox analogy.

  7. Yay for passing the torture test! I’m glad you found a midwife you like and I hope you can arrange to request her to attend your birth.

  8. K

    What a great update! Sounds like things are really clicking into place for you two!

  9. tbean

    Hooray! Wonderful news all around.

  10. poppycat

    Congrats all around ladies. Very good indeed.

  11. K

    Congrats!! K just had her glucose test on Monday. Oddly enough, she said it tasted like “orange crush”. Glad to hear the good news.

    • reproducinggenius

      Yes, the one-hour stuff tastes like flat orange soda. The three-hour concoction, on the other hand, tastes like the syrup they use to make orange soda. It has double the glucose, so essentially, it is flavored simple syrup, and it is revolting.

  12. Congratulations – this is such good news!!!

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