I have never been a good test-taker, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I wouldn’t do well with medical tests either. I had my one-hour glucose screen on Thursday. I got to drink the orange nastiness. I also had the choice of fruit punch–why all the kids’ soft drink flavors? Why couldn’t I have chosen between margarita and mojito? The waiting for an hour wasn’t so bad (my wife accompanied me and entertained me), but getting stuck was not so fun. This lab my doctor uses has the meanest phlebotomists I’ve ever met, and they’re terrible at finding my veins. I’m still bruised from this thing.

Well, Friday came along, and the phone rang, and the advice nurse from my doctor’s office informed me that my levels were “a little higher than they like to see.” Their cut-off is 130, and mine was at 153. I failed. Now I have the distinct privilege of returning for the three-hour test on Monday morning. I have relieved my lovely wife of accompanying me, and I’m trying to find a really good book to read to keep me from dying of boredom and annoyance. I’m not looking forward to these people sticking me with needles three more times in one day. I’m not looking forward to any of it.

I hope it’s all clear. I hope that it’s another needless worry, just another hurdle to clear. Please let that be it.



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5 responses to ““F”

  1. Please know that is the number 1 pregnancy related test for false positives!! I had the same thing with my first and had to do the awful 3 hour thing. With baby number 2, I had a midwife, and she wouldn’t even do that test, since they are so inaccurate. Instead I got to eat a sweet breakfast (pancakes, OJ, etc) and then have a finger stick exactly like diabetic people use. WAY more accurate, not to mention yummy. I am sorry you are going through this. You are supposed to get to feel peaceful, not stressed out!!

  2. So not fun. Fingers crossed that you ace the next test.

  3. I hope the three hour test gives you better results and you find the perfect book to melt away the hours!

  4. I remember my midwife saying, “if you fail the one hour, you probably don’t have GD”. i bet you’ll be in the clear!!! let us know what book you read

  5. I’ve also heard that the 1 hour test has a hugely high false positive rate. I hope that’s true for you and its just a needless worry. The 3 hour test sounds decidely not fun, but I hope it flies by with the aid of a good book. Good luck!

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