meandering: from sore buttons to abundance

It seems that I have a new pregnancy complaint: my belly button is on fire! I think Egghead is going through another growth spurt, and as a result, I’m growing and stretching, and my poor little belly button is suffering for it. At night, or any time I lie down, I’ve been placing a small pillow under my belly so that it doesn’t strain. This is a new sensation and not one I care to endure for much longer.

The boy is also doing a great deal of forceful kicking these days. He’s getting so strong! Most nights, I will spoon J, and she can feel him moving against her back. Some mornings, she tells me that as I slept, he kicked at her nearly constantly. She clearly enjoys these special moments with him. He seems to know her touch, her presence. When she rests her hand on my belly, he finds it and kicks. When my belly is against her back, he wallops her over and over. They’re already developing this really cool bond. We all are, and it’s quite remarkable and touching.

I wouldn’t give up this time for anything. I am loving this stage of pregnancy. It feels comfortable, natural, and oh so precious. I often find myself thinking sadly about the nearly two years it took us to get here and how grateful I am that we finally made it. It is still surreal at times, but I’m trying to soak up every second of it. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do this again, so I don’t want to miss a thing. I am grateful even for the pain and discomfort, for my gargantuan breasts, for the slower gait I have now adopted. It all suits me just fine.

This week has been a big week for making Egghead preparations. We organized a bunch of the second-hand baby clothes we’ve been given (along with the items we have purchased), and we’re slowly turning our office/guestroom into an office/nursery. I love seeing his things around the room, his clothes hanging in the closet. We ordered his carseat, and it came yesterday, along with his moses basket. I believe our next big purchase will be diapering supplies and a stroller (which my mom is generously purchasing for us). We’re honestly a bit terrified already of all of the things that are coming into the apartment, wondering just how they’re going to fit. Our sweet neighbors–a father and daughter–brought us two baskets full of blankets, clothes, hats, and more today as a thank you for taking care of their cats while they were away. We know this is just the beginning (somehow, we’re having two showers as well), so we’re a little panicked about finding space for everything. For now, only clothes from newborn to three months get drawer space (we have tiny little organizer drawers that will sit under a changing table my step-dad is building); the rest go into storage tubs until he fits into them. This will mean a great deal of diligence on our part with regard to sending things on after he outgrows them, but it’s our only option.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t trade this dilemma for anything. It’s one that I know we are so blessed to have, one that I am not complaining about in the least. These are the sorts of challenges in life that one welcomes without question.

Most everything else is going rather well. I am nearly finished with a blanket I have been crocheting since my first trimester, and it’s going to be quite cute (although I’m honestly wondering what the hell I was thinking making a blanket–people seem to love to gift blankets. Do they really go through blankets quickly?). We’re also looking forward to a multitude of other projects including the complete rearranging of the office/nursery. That has to wait until we have strong, able-bodied people to help us, but they will come soon. In short, nesting has commenced.

Summer does seem to be upon us, despite its official start being nearly a month away. The weather is warming up, farmer’s market is in full swing, my workload has gone to summer mode (more flexible hours), So You Think You Can Dance has begun (a horribly guilty pleasure of ours), and we’re starting to swim on a more regular basis. Oh, the swimming–it already feels so good to be weightless. I’m so glad that we decided to stay here with a guaranteed pool this year; it is truly going to save me.

I have a password protected post coming up, so let me know in comments if you’d like the magic word.



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28 responses to “meandering: from sore buttons to abundance

  1. I would like the password please! I enjoy hearing about people who are pg after trying so long! It keeps me hopeful!

  2. J

    I’d love the magic word.

  3. password please!

    So great to hear you talk about enjoying the pregnancy. I wish I had let myself enjoy mypregnancy more

  4. MT

    I would love the password. I thought I had it but I guess not lol. So glad to hear everything is coming along so great. We are only a few days apart on our due date. So exciting!

  5. Joy

    I would also like the magic password, if you would be so kind to share.

  6. raine05

    Please may I have the password. Thanks

  7. nycphoenix

    me too!

  8. cindyhoo2

    I love how much you are enjoying your pregnancy!! Oh, and please send me the magic word. 🙂

  9. Christy

    Password, pretty please 🙂

  10. Elsha Quinn

    Hi! I lurk all the time, but I rarely comment. Could I please have your password as well? Thanks!

  11. *holds up hand* Also lurking for quite some time, but never commenting. The password would be lovely, I’ve really enjoyed following along with you on this.

  12. I’d like the password por favor. Blankets are good to have…at least 3 or 4 varying types. They tend to get spit up on or peed on (even through a diaper sometimes). Always nice to have a blanket to wrap him up in or have him lay on. Glad you’re enjoyed your pregnancy!

  13. Cousin

    may I have the magic word?
    also, I have bags of 1-3 month old boy clothes that friends gave us when we first started trying. . as they believed we would be successful the first try . . would you like them?

  14. Even if you get a ton of blankets as gifts, a handmade one from you will be such a special keepsake. I’m so excited for you both that you’re getting things ready!

  15. I need the password, please!

    I’m glad all is well in your belly and you’re feeling so happy about pregnancy!

  16. alimis

    I would like the password please.
    It does sound as if nesting has started with full force. What a fun time you all must be having. I also enjoyed hearing about the bond that the baby and your partner are already developing…very sweet.

  17. Erin

    I’d love to read the post .. password, please!

  18. poppycat

    I love ‘So YOu Think You Can Dance’! Seriously guilty pleasure! Things sound absolutely perfect in your part of the world and I am glad you are taking the care to enjoy every last minute.

    Thanks for your last comment, you brought a few tears with your sweet thoughts and I appreciate so much what you had to say.

    I’d love the password too!

  19. K

    What a sweet post! Sounds like you both are really soaking up this blissful time. Happy nesting. 🙂

    I’d like the password if you’re still sharing.

  20. I would also like to have the password! There’s such joy and fun and closeness in pregnancy and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. My boy is 7 months old now, and although my pregnancy was at times difficult, I still miss the closeness that I felt with him then.

  21. What a beautiful post!!

    I’d love the password, too, if you don’t mind.

  22. kms

    I’ve enjoyed following your story! May I have the password, too? Thanks!

  23. A

    Password for me too, please!

  24. I love spoon H so she can feel the baby… I am going to miss that although we don’t exactly fit together anymore. I look forward to fitting better too.. I would love your password too. xoxo

  25. Kaitlyn

    password pleases!!

  26. A.

    would love the password!!

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