show and tell

A couple of weeks ago, we arrived home to find a package at or door, and in our package was this our pay it forward craft from Olive! Below is the stunning mobile we found in the package:


It has taken us a bit of time to put it up because we have been working on finding Egghead’s space in our nursery/office, but today, I was able to hang it up, and it’s so beautiful and perfect! Eventually, it will move to the other side of the room and hang over the crib, but for now, it gets to hang by the window. The birds are all hand-sewn with the most wonderful fabrics. We love staring at it, so we know our boy will too. Here it is silhouetted against the curtains we made last year (which will remain in our funky little nursery as well):


We are both so impressed with Olive’s creativity and skill and are delighted to have such a lovely piece of art for our baby’s room. Thank you so much, Olive!

This week has also marked 24 weeks, and as I mentioned on the last post, six months! I can hardly believe that we are this far along already. Time is racing by. In just a month, we’re headed north to Humboldt for our first baby shower. I’ll have my glucose screening soon, and we’ll tour the hospital and sign up for birth classes before long too. Unbelievable. To show just how much I’ve grown, my six week belly shot is below


Six Weeks

Followed by today’s photo:


Twenty-four Weeks

Twenty-four Weeks

I wore this shirt most of the day, and my wife was amused because my belly kept poking out. I just had to see how it fit. I don’t know why I’m still so surprised when my non-maternity clothes are too small, but I do find it amusing.



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9 responses to “show and tell

  1. Boo

    Beautiful mobile! Beautiful belly! Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE the mobile!!! How beautiful. 6 months! Holy crap!

  3. Wow, that mobile truly is a work of art–gorgeous! And you have one of the cutest baby bumps I’ve ever seen. It is funny how you grow so gradually that you almost don’t notice it (at least that’s how it happened to me).

  4. alimis

    The mobile is fabulous….and so is that six month belly you are sporting so well.

  5. reproducinggenius

    An observation: my front and rear bumps are the same size! How amusing–and even a little bit disturbing. I think I like resembling a pair of offset parentheses.

  6. such a good belly and start to a nursery!!

  7. I love the mobile! So beautiful!!!

    Oh and that belly shot is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m so happy to see the mobile in its new home. I’m glad you like it. Also, great picture of the belly!

  9. poppycat

    Love the birds, love the belly. Olive is a cool cat and your nersary is going to be adorable.

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