Dear Universe,

Thank you for watermelon. Thank you especially for watermelon that is ripe right now.





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4 responses to “Dear Universe,

  1. Wow, I’m about halfway through trying to catch up with your blog and I/we feel so behind! Congratulations on the news of a baby boy 🙂 And yes, watermelon is one of the things that makes life wonderful. We hope that you’re both doing great fellow bay area mommy’s. I’ll keep reading and make some comments as soon as we’re done. Love to all 🙂

  2. J

    I second that! I just cut up two “Mini-me” watermelons (yes, that is what it said on the label) last night and just kept eating and eating them. MMMMMMMMMM.

  3. cindyhoo2

    As a member of the greater universe, I have been nominated to tell you that you are quite welcome and we hope you and egghead enjoy to your hearts content this season. We’ll keep growing more.

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