marxist in the making


We’re  watching our niece for a couple of days this week while my sister attends a conference nearby, and she has quite an obsession with our bookshelves. So far, she has explored the spirituality shelf (she likes the Tao Te Ching and some meditation guides), the memoir shelf (David Sedaris seems to be her favorite), and, today, the philosophy and history shelf. For nearly half an hour today, she was working on pulling just one book from under a couple of others.

And then she showed us:


And she crawled across the living room to show it to me and share with me and J some of her favorite passages:


Her ultra-conservative father would be so proud! The shelves at her level that she has yet to discover have a bunch of lesbian and feminist literature. I’m so glad we get to have an influence on this baby.



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4 responses to “marxist in the making

  1. LOL that picture is priceless! Interesting reading for an infant, but we all have our preferences, no?

  2. A.

    That’s hysterical!! Great pictures.

  3. cindyhoo2

    This post made me laugh out loud! I love it.

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