21w5d updates

9973tressduncecapI can’t seem to write full paragraphs today. I can’t even come up with an original title so bullets and a generic title it is:

  • First and foremost, two blog families have their new baby boys in their arms. Congratulations to Strawberry and Nutella and to the ladies at love+love=marriage!
  • We have baby boy clothes hanging in the closet in what will soon be our nursery/office. We catch one another sneaking in there to look at them from time to time. They are precious.
  • Egghead is constantly kicking me now. Any time our cat Cleo jumps up for her belly time (and she has to have it every day now), he seems to know she’s there. He kicks at her head as she purrs on him. I love this. What I don’t love so much is when he punches my bladder after I’ve had too much water.
  • I am learning that my more negative emotions impact the boy, so I’m trying to keep myself from getting too upset about anything. That didn’t work yesterday, and he was much less active. It scared me into behaving myself.
  • Last night, when my wife and I were trying to sleep, someone’s giant SUV’s car alarm was continuously triggered. It was the loud honking sort of alarm, and every fifteen or twenty minutes, the thing was going off again. This happened for hours. I wanted to run outside in the rain and scream, but I didn’t. No need to wake more people up, and certainly no need to create a minimally-clothed-pregnant-woman spectacle of myself.
  • I’m having strange dreams again. Last night, I dreamt that I acquired a big stack of cardboard dunce caps. I was so excited to get to wear one and delighted to have so many at my disposal. Yes, I said dunce caps. No, I’m not a schoolmarm from 1910 despite what my wife may tell you. Feel free to offer up your own interpretations.
  • I have been researching the local hospitals that will take the new insurance, and it looks like we have some decent options. I’m settling into the idea of a hospital birth with a midwife in attendance. I’m so grateful for the encouraging comments that people left on my last post. It’s going to be okay; I know this now.
  • My mom, sister, and niece are coming for a visit this weekend, and we’re going to a baby expo. Should be delightful. We’re then babysitting for another two days at the beginning of next week–more practice baby time. We hear she’s crawling now and pulling herself up. Our house is so not ready for an almost toddler.
  • This weekend marks the end of this and last month’s entrance exam scoring marathon. This has been great work for both of us; it pays quite well, and we don’t have to leave home to do it. On the other hand, we both have mush for brains at the end of each day. We often find ourselves at the end of the day staring into the ether and rocking. I swear I caught J drooling today. We’re so very ready for a break from this. In a week from today, we’ll be done for a month.
  • That said, we are so grateful for this work. It has come at the best time, and this, along with my other online work, has been such a blessing to us. I am so lucky to have my wife by my side during this pregnancy experiencing it all along with me. I’m so glad that I haven’t had to be amongst students and colleagues subjecting them to my mood swings. I do miss the classroom at times, but it’s just nice to have this freedom right now. It’s going to be equally nice when Egghead is born (although at that point, J will hopefully be teaching again). Sometimes not getting that full-time, tenure-track position has its benefits.


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3 responses to “21w5d updates

  1. A.

    There’s nothing wrong with bullets – we’re just glad to hear from you, in any form.

    I love the Cleo/baby connection. I swear that animals have a sixth sense about your emotions, and I bet he knows there’s something happening. I hope Archie and Elvis (our cats) do the same to me. 🙂

    I’m also glad that you have good options for your hospital birth. I can understand having to adjust your expectations about not having access to a birth center – however, I think we’ll both be just fine. You’re doing a great job, momma!

  2. nutella

    Kick Egghead, kick! Thanks for the shout out. Your baby will be in your arms before very long. Sorry about the health insurance BS. That is just no fun at all. I really hope that you can find a provider that is willing to work with you towards the type of birth experience you are hoping for.

  3. poppycat

    A comment in bullets:

    – Hooray for kicking and time at home and wonderful partners and babysitting and boy clothes and baby expos and insurance!!!

    – The dunce cap thing is funny and I’m not sure what to make of it.

    – Next time have the SUV towed. 😉

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