the poll is open

This week is insane. J and I are buried under eight-hour essay scoring marathons each day and have been since Thursday. While we both appreciate the work, the weather has been calling us outside. With temperatures in the upper eighties and low nineties, we have been longing for relaxing dips in the pool. Fortunately, being so busy is making time pass quickly, which is good because this is a big week.

This Thursday we have our anatomy scan. I’ve hit the point where people in my daily life are guessing what we’re having, and it’s fascinating–and sometimes amusing–to hear people’s reasoning. I’m prepared for either sex; I honestly don’t think I’ll be surprised either way, but J will be a bit shocked if we’re having a boy. She has been convinced for the past three years that we would have a girl first.

I honestly thought I would have some sort of feeling one way or the other, but I don’t. So let’s see what all of you have to say. We’ll have our answer by Thursday afternoon!


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8 responses to “the poll is open

  1. A.

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on! It’s good you took a breather to give us an update. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the results of your scan!

  2. Jodi

    Okay, so I voted “girl,” but I feel like I need to explain myself. I’ve been dreaming about a little blonde girl for three years, and she is definitely ours in my dreams. In my first dream, she was six or so years old. I’ve dreamt of her at different ages and in different settings, but here’s what I’ve learned:

    *she likes the color lavendar
    *she will play sports and wear ballcaps (like me!)
    *she is gregarious and outgoing

    Now, I have dreamt of a boy baby once, but I got the distinct impression that he was not mine, but another baby that I was worried about. So, yes, I will be surprised if we learn it’s a boy, and I will certainly have to adjust my thinking, but I will not be disappointed at all.

  3. I picked female just because everyone else is having boys lately and someone’s got to have a girl!

  4. Cousin

    I say boy. But I’ve said that for weeks now. . . can’t wait to find out and hopefully see some more great shots of little egghead.
    Love you both to pieces!

  5. cindyhoo2

    At the moment, your intrepid followers are equally divided between male and female. we are not being very helpful. 😛

  6. jay

    Ah, I see you are 50 50 too… that happened to us!! And what do you know, we had a boy.

    I hear you r.e. being shocked and having a boy. We agreed we’d be shocked if we had a girl. For no particular reason; we just “KNEW” BB was a boy. So, when he popped out, that was all very right and logical for us… mind you, whatever Egghead is will be right and logical, I am sure..! Umm, yeah. Bye. xxxx

  7. Good luck with the anatomy scan! I was a little nervous about potentially having a boy and my partner was nervous about the idea of a girl, so we balanced each other out and were OK with either. I’m sure you’ll both be thrilled no matter what.

  8. Right now you are a bit more leaning towards having a boy. I hope you have a wonderful anatomy scan. I am excited to hear the results. xoxo

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