Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

moving right along

The OB appointment today was uneventful, and when I say uneventful, I mean that I sat in a crowded waiting room for half an hour to be seen for three minutes by my OB. Lovely.

The nurse handed me a huge handful of co.lace for my next bout with the back-ups, and she was a little surprised to see that I had lost three pounds since my last visit. I’m eating constantly, and I’m eating really well, so there’s no concern.

The OB checked fundal height, which is right on target (almost to my belly button, which is shallower by the day), and Egghead’s heartbeat was easy to find this time. It was at 130, which I thought was a bit slow, but then my heart rate has always been on the slow side. According to the doctor, it’s just right.

And that was that. Next appointment: four weeks. Except that I’m now thinking that will be the last one with the OB. I’m tired of feeling like I’m on some sort of medical assembly line. Should everything work out with Medi-Cal, we’ll be on to the birth center and the midwives before we know it. I’m hoping to make an appointment with them soon for information and a tour. I’m so ready for a shift in the type of care we receive–so, so ready.


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