scene from a saturday evening

In the living room, I am following a yoga “video” that has no images. As the half hour winds down and the voice on the recording leads me into a meditation, the dishwasher swings into high gear with its swooshing of water and soap and the grinding of its gears. Relaxing on my left side, I face the hall bathroom, and the odor of cat urine from a litter box needing cleaning wafts through my breathing space. A cat plops down next to my head to do his own sort of yoga, one leg in the air, face buried in his groin to clean. Namaste.


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6 responses to “scene from a saturday evening

  1. That’s totally howit is trying to do yoga at my house! As soon as I stand up to do and standing poses, Scout (dog) comes and lays on the mat!! Then she starts to sniff me when I am on the ground. Gotta love it haha

  2. Oh the cat yoga! Yes, every time I put the mat down, one of the cats decides to lay on it and when I do the relaxation (because I am on my back) one of them decides to lay on top of me!
    The kitty little smell really tops it all off:)

  3. A

    LOL, I totally get the same thing!

  4. A

    That was so funny!!!

  5. that was HILARIOUS!!
    you are so funny!

    just now catching up.
    the bump is gorgeous, as are you of course!!

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