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pain in the _____

We have been inundated with houseguests, and the last of them–my mom–left today. It has been great to see everyone, but we’re glad to have our lives back for now. The visit with my mom was sweet. She took me out and bought me tons of maternity clothes for summer and a few little gifts for Egghead. She thinks we’re having a boy, and she’s oddly certain about it. Hmmm…

This past week has been an incredibly uncomfortable one for me. Last weekend, a good friend was here, and we went for a hike. It seems that this hike resulted in a flare-up of my hip problem, and it’s fairly excruciating to sit anywhere but my balance ball. Lovely.

The day our friend left, not only was my hip clearly out, but I also had begun to develop some weird gastro-intestinal issue. I started experiecing awful gas pains and constipation, and this has continued throughout the week. I am not happy about this. I’m a regular sort of gal, and this is incredibly uncomfortable. Hell, it’s beyond discomfort; it’s downright painful. 

Thanks to some prune juice (ew, ew, ew) and some probiotics, the latter issue is resolving, but the gas  pain persists. There simply isn’t enough room in my belly for all of this air, and it doesn’t seem to want to escape. I’m ready for it to go away, ready to feel a little normal again (as normal as one can during pregnancy anyway). I’m tired of feeling like such a mess.

We have not yet heard anything about the insurance matter, but we’ll be happy with whatever we end up with. It just has to happen soon because our next OB appointment and our 20 week ultrasound are both coming soon. I appreciate all of your support and comments you offered on this matter in the last post.  As I mentioned in the post, my initial sense of shame faded pretty quickly, and I will simply be delighted to have some healthcare–some well-deserved healthcare, especially if this gas issue doesn’t resolve on its own.


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