belly talk

Yesterday, J and I had the loveliest of days. We went to our favorite local barbecue place (yep, I’m back on the meat), which is situated above a lovely babbling creek and surrounded in oak trees (in fact, just across the creek is one of our favorite walking trails). We spent a lot of time just reveling in the day, the spring, the new sort of love we’re sharing.  Of course, a beautiful day and a lovely location such as this prompted photographs as well.
I have been promising belly shots for some time, but before now, I haven’t had much to show. Granted, I had a belly, but that belly was created by the consumption of really good wine and exceptionally good cheese over the past year of living in wine country. It really didn’t have much to do with Egghead. Until last week, that is. It seems that last week, I developed an honest-to-goodness baby bump.

This is a fairly padded bump, so at times I look about a month ahead of where I really am, but that’s okay. Strangers have been giving me that “Is she or isn’t she?” look, but people who know me are quite impressed at my sudden bumpiness. Believe it or not, they think I actually look pregnant.

Honestly, most days I’m still in denial. I know I’m pregnant, but it doesn’t seem real, and when I look at myself from the front, I barely see it, but then I put on a shirt that fit me just a month ago, and it rides up to expose my belly, and I realize I’m actually growing–this isn’t just some freakish weight gain (in fact, I’m still at my pre-pregnancy weight). I can’t explain why it is so hard to fully accept or grasp, but when I see pictures of myself, I guess it’s a bit harder to deny that I’m really pregnant. 

T at almost 17 weeks

So I’m coming to accept it, beginning to realize that this ever-changing belly is really mine and that it isn’t getting harder because I’m somehow unwittingly doing pilates in my sleep. Nope, there’s a real, live Egghead in there, and s/he is growing! Tomorrow is seventeen weeks. Seventeen! We’re almost half-way there. I’m a little stunned.


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14 responses to “belly talk

  1. A.

    You look beautiful!!! Love the belly.

  2. Wow- time flies! You look great. Go Egghead go!

  3. look at you!!
    That is a FAB bump!!

  4. cindyhoo2

    so sweet… and a very nice bump, indeed.

  5. J

    That’s one cute bump!

  6. alimis

    Yay for your great looking baby bump! 🙂

  7. jay

    hooray for bumpdom!

  8. poppycat

    You look so lovely and that bump looks all baby to me. I can totally understand where you are coming from on the denial/actually having a baby thing. I think by the time it has finally sunk in, we will ready to deliver! Oiy.

  9. Amy

    Don’t you just love spring!!
    Those are great baby belly pictures. Enjoy the body mommy!

  10. very lovely baby bump!!!
    cannot believe you are 17 wks, it feels like you were just getting that + pee stick. time flies…

    PS – good news, i am going to get to retake that class SANS the crappy teacher 🙂

  11. Your belly looks gorgeous! I think I had a bump like that when I was about 10 weeks pregnant, so no worries about looking bigger than you should….we are all different and beautiful.
    I can’t believe that you already 17 weeks!!! How did that happen?

  12. K

    You look wonderful! It’s great when you cross over into “not chubby, pregnant” territory, isn’t it? 😉 Congrats on being so close to the halfway point!

  13. Clemency

    You look great and very definitely pregnant!

    Sorry about being such a crap blog commenter. I’m cheering you on from over here, honest.

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