well, hello there

I think that Egghead is making his/her presence known. I’ve been having interesting sensations. Sometimes they’re fluttery, and sometimes it’s just this feeling that something is rolling around in my abdomen. It comes from the vicinity of my uterus, and it is nothing like anything I have ever felt before, so my guess is, it’s Egghead. It happens most when I lie down for a nap or sit back in a chair with my feet up to write (like now).

Of course, all the books say that as a larger woman, it may take me many more weeks to feel the baby move, but anyone who has tried to get pregnant for any length of time becomes an expert on feeling every twinge and twitch down there; as a result, I think we’re naturally a lot more sensitive, no matter our size. That and the midwife we saw last week was certain I’d feel Egghead this week. I like that she was (probably) right.

It’s such a reassuring feeling, whatever it is, and I have started to look forward to those quiet moments when I get to lie or sit with my eyes closed and just feel.



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13 responses to “well, hello there

  1. A.

    That’s wonderful! It must be very emotional.

  2. cindyhoo2

    How wonderful. I am so glad that you are working to enjoy every second of your pregnancy.

  3. Yay for baby movement! Isn’t it amazing?

  4. That’s got to be the best feeling in the world!

  5. nutella

    Aww, go Egghead go!

  6. Amy

    It is the best! you will continue to enjoy it everytime

  7. wooo!! LOVE this.
    Snork felt like pop rocks early on and it was so so cool and special.

  8. yay for baby movements! it’s so reassuring

  9. poppycat

    Hooray! How exciting.

  10. alimis

    I am excited for you!

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