15 weeks

Well here we are at 15 weeks. Unbelievable! We had an OB appointment today, which turned into a midwife appointment. Honestly, it was strange.

I got a call yesterday that my OB would be on call today, so they needed to either reschedule me or schedule me with a midwife. I was fine with the midwife; I’ve been curious about the midwives in this practice anyway. Well, we arrived today, and I attempted to check in at which point the stupid, rude receptionist (the one who made me fill out an entirely new medical history on my second visit because they lost my file–to a thief) told me that I was not on their schedule. I informed her politely about the phone call from their office just yesterday, but all she could say was, “I don’t see you on the schedule.” I started to get a little peeved and let her know that I did, indeed have an appointment, that this wasn’t my fault, that I had had an appointment for a full month. Finally, she sighed and said, “Well, I guess we’ll have to squeeze you in with whichever midwife is available.” Right. Don’t do me any favors, and certainly don’t apologize, you obnoxious woman. Grrr. I should have sneezed on her.

We were called back fairly quickly. I had my vitals taken. I’m still only up 2 pounds since the beginning of this pregnance, and my blood pressure was perfect and the same as the last time we were in. Excellent news. The midwife made her way in shortly. I introduced myself.

When she saw J, she started to say, “Oh, you must be her sis-”

“This is my partner, J,” I said, before she could embarrass herself.

She shook J’s hand, had me lie back, and immediately pulled out the doppler to probe for the baby’s heartbeat. This took some time. She told us which sound was movement, which sound was my heartbeat, and while she mentioned once that she could hear the baby’s heartbeat, she couldn’t ever get that sound to come through for us. She spent several minutes trying every angle possible, and I started to panic as I stared at the ceiling. While she was convinced everything was fine, she must have had some concern because she then ushered us over to the ultrasound room for yet another ultrasound.

I don’t mean to complain. I know a lot of people like having regular ultrasounds. I’m not fond of the ultrasound-every-visit pattern we have established. The studies on how it impacts the baby are inconclusive, but I just don’t feel the need to have a peak and a souvenir photo with every visit. At the same time, I was worried, and the only way I was going to stop worrying was if I either saw our Egghead on the screen or heard its heartbeat.

So we made our way to the ultrasound room, where she proceeded to not be able to use the machine. It wasn’t that she was inept. Someone else had messed with the controls and the computer froze up. So we waited. She brought a nurse in to help; she chatted about some of my test results (I finally got my blood type–A+ for those interested), said all looked good, and as this other person worked on getting the machine going, she tried the doppler again. Lo and behold, there was the heartbeat right away. Phew.

But because the machine was rebooting, and because we were already there, she wanted to go ahead with the ultrasound, and we soon discovered why she had a hard time finding the heartbeat. Our Egghead was wiggling all over the place. S/he was squirming and flipping and kicking.  It was fantastic. We got a look at its spine, its butt, its little legs and feet, and while she tried as hard as she could to see between the little one’s legs, Egghead would have none of it. His/her legs were crossed as though in the lotus position, and s/he would not move them until we stopped staring. Honestly, it was amusing, and it was such a relief after that moment of fear with the doppler. The midwife seems to think I’ll feel Egghead moving within the week. I can’t wait.

We have about a month until our big anatomy scan, and we’ve got the AFP blood draw coming up in a few weeks. It’s going to be a big month.

I have to say, though, I’m not happy with this OB practice. I like my doctor, the nurses, even the crazy scatterbrained midwife we saw today, but administratively they’re inept, and unfortunately, those administrative procedures impact us more often than I’d like. I am hoping that once we change our insurance at the end of the month that we’ll be able to transfer to the birth center and the midwives there. If so, we’ll move over there after twenty weeks. Wow, that’s a whole lot sooner that it seems, isn’t it?



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9 responses to “15 weeks

  1. I’m glad to hear that everything is fine, but man, that would have irritated us beyond belief as well. I would have had a hard time not screaming at them if we had to go through what you had. Here’s hoping you can switch over soon!

  2. 15 weeks!!!! wheeeeeee!!
    so so exciting
    I have a bit of (unasked for) advice on dealing with the admins- at your next appointment (if you continue going there) bring in a treat for the staff. Muffins, cookies, whatever.
    I brought in muffins at my 1st OB appointment because I was TOTALLY wanting people to be nice to me and it worked. I know bribing the admins is annoying, but killing people with kindness can so work in your favor down the road!

    & YAY for a bonus scan!!

  3. “I should have sneezed on her.” Hilarious! I’ll have to use this as my next line of defense! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear that beautiful sound for myself – the heartbeat! You are very lucky!

  4. A.

    Congrats on the 15 weeks!! What a milestone!

    Your appt. does sound strange, and nothing less than frustrating with the administrative screwups. I hope that the next few weeks fly by, and you’ll be at the birth center before you know it!

  5. poppycat

    Look at your little egghead being so modest. Little stinker. I am so happy all is well. I hope you are able to change practices asap because sloppy administration can often be an indicator of other issues too. You shouldn’t have to settle for less than the best.

    Can you believe you are almost half way there!?! I hear the second half flys by. How exciting!

  6. So glad everything is healthy and well. I can’t believe you are at 15 weeks already! It goes by so fast!

  7. Oh i hope that you are at the birth center soon. You don’t need any stress going to the OB’s office. So are you going to find out what is in between those legs?? I am so happy you guys are at 15 weeks and that all is so good.

  8. alimis

    Wow, that sounds like a had stressful start to your doctors visit. I really dislike unpleasent customer service; it seems to be getting worse lately. You must have lots of patience. Hopefully you will get to switch to the birth center soon. Big Congrats to you all for hitting the 15 week mark!

    Also, thanks for the idea of buying a nice box for all the items we buy before we get pregnant. Right now the items are our guest bedroom closet; in a not very organized manner.

  9. Jodi

    Yeah, I don’t like this clinic at all. They’re disorganized and don’t seem to even mind. When they screw up, they act like it’s not their fault. T wouldn’t let me say anything to them about my stolen records, either. I’m really hoping the switch in insurance allows us to find a better clinic.

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