better than brahms

You all are seriously awesome. After reading your responses  yesterday, I formulated a plan.

First, we already had a body pillow, but we were using it as a bolster behind our pillows. J brought it out to the living room floor so that I could practice rolling over with it. I didn’t’ succeed, but I did confirm that it was comfy, so we decided it would make its way into the bed. And, while I couldn’t get a netty pot yesterday, I could get saline spray, something I had forgotten does help with my sinuses.

So last night, bedtime went more like this:

12:00: Go to bed (I admit to having a little anxiety about sleeping, so I stayed up late).

12:01: Kiss my wife, and snuggle up to the pillow.

12:02: Pass out like a drunk college student.

1:30: Wake up to pee (without sleeping on the toilet).

1:31: Go back to bed, look at clock, see that it’s my usual first pee time, snuggle up to my pillow, and pass out like a still-drunk college student.

2:00: Flip without pillow.

2:15: Flip back over because the pillow is so much better.

5:15: Become mildly aware that my wife is trying to steal my body pillow.

5:20: Flip, and relinquish the pillow.

5:30: Flip back over and reclaim the pillow. Realize I have to pee again, but ignore it because the pillow is so comfy, and peeing can wait.

7:30: Awaken for the day.

Now, it’s not a perfect night’s sleep, but that is a far cry better than previous nights. The pillow makes sleeping much easier, and as someone said, I found myself not wanting to flip because the pillow was comfier. Taking it with me was too much for my drowsy brain to comprehend, so a little break on my right side seemed to suffice, and I’d go right back to my left.

I do find it amusing that my wife tried to steal the pillow. I didn’t mind sharing for a few minutes though. If it becomes a habit, we might have to talk–or get her own, in which case, a king-sized bed may soon be in order too.

This morning is far better. I did have a cat step on my uterus, which was scary (luckily it was the small one, and only one paw, but still–yikes!). Otherwise, I’m much happier and far less worried about going to bed tonight, and I have all of you to thank for it.



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9 responses to “better than brahms

  1. “5:15: Become mildly aware that my wife is trying to steal my body pillow.”

    So funny. Occasionally my head will find its way there, but I’ve never tried to steal it. Normally it creates a little barrier between Nutella and I which kinda sucks, but me spooning against her back while she spoons the pillow works well.

  2. nutella

    She’s never tried to steal it because it’s on the outside of the bed and I’m inbetween her and it. But I bet if she ever tried it out without me she’d want one of her own!

    Glad you slept better, and I hope it keeps going well.

  3. Hurrah for a better night’s sleep! I’m another one for keeping the pillow on the outside edge of the bed to prevent stealing! vee xxx

  4. I like the pillow on the inside, although S never tried to steal it. I just couldn’t stand having an obstacle to heave myself over on the 4-5 trips to pee in the night. 😉
    Congrats on a better night’s sleep!

  5. H will snuggle against my body pillow too. And the cats love it. I am really happy that you slept better. I hope it continues. I would not worry to much about kitten weight on your belly. They are designed to protect the baby inside. From my understanding it would have be something pretty heavy and at a quick speed to hurt you or the baby…

  6. I’m so happy that you’re pregnant.

  7. i STILL use my pregnancy body pillow and my baby is 3 weeks old..i love it!

  8. cindyhoo2

    Sleep is good. Don’t we have a helpful and wise community?!

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