telling update

Last week was the week of sending out letters to grandparents about the latest addition to each family’s next generation. I knew they would probably receive them by week’s end, so I have been waiting for any response, suspecting it would take a little time.

Yesterday, I spoke with my mom on the phone. Both grandmothers had called her to congratulate her and to tell her how excited that were. This made me grin. But then, last night, the phone rang, and my maternal grandmother–the grandma I was so nervous about telling–was on the other end. She told me she got my letter; she congratulated me; she wanted to know how I was feeling. She was utterly happy. We shared a lot of laughs and she reassured me that it was okay for me to rest when I was having those fatigue-filled days (“Oh, you’ll have lots of those!” she said.).  It was lovely. When we wrapped up the conversation, she told me to give J her love and to take good care of myself and that baby.  That is precisely what I will be doing.

I was filled up last night with that phone call. There is nothing quite like living one’s life out in the open, especially amongst those one loves. And there is especially nothing like being able to share this news with the people I love the most.

My belly seems to be changing shape now. J claims that I look pregnant, that I’m much rounder. My usual rolls seem to be smoothed out, and I definitely have a bit of a belly–beyond the one caused by too much wine and cheese over the past year. One of these days, I’ll start posting photos. For now, you’ll just have to trust me.



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8 responses to “telling update

  1. Oh, congrats on the positive responses from both grandmas, that’s great! I can’t wait until you start posting belly pictures.

  2. Yay, such happy news! How wonderful their reactions were!

  3. So lovely to have a positive reaction to such a beautiful thing..yay!!!!

  4. Fabulous! I’m so glad you got the reaction you deserve.

  5. I am so happy for you. That unconditional love and acceptance is so rewarding!

  6. A.

    What a wonderful conversation. I’m so happy fory you!

  7. What a wonderful reaction. I am so happy to hear it.

  8. I remember having to call home from Japan and talking to my grandparents who raised me since I was 2 months old — Catholic and Republican. I had NO idea how I was going to tell them but I knew I had to because I was being investigated and discharged. So, I sat on the phone, cried a little, and finally just blurted it out. I wish I could remember what they said, but I can remember I never felt so loved and supported in my life… xoxo

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