good things

Bullets today because I am busy:

  • Today we have cousins coming to visit. They have been trying to get pregnant since we started, and she just recently started IUIs. They’re now on a break, and I’m easily remembering the pain of those forced breaks. Therefore, we’re hoping to offer a distraction, and we’re going to cook for them. It has been so long since I’ve gotten to cook for people (aside from J and myself, of course), and I am so excited. On tonight’s menu is a puff pastry filled with a wonderful chicken, basil, cream cheese, artichoke, and asiago concoction, along with a lovely baby greens salad with homemade meyer lemon vinnaigrette, and a big pile of roasted veggies. I’m salivating already.
  • Cooking meant an early morning trip to my favorite local gourmet market. The market smelled of pastries and soup and freshness, and there were no tourists to be seen (highly unusual!). This market is also where we have a real-live, super-friendly butcher who cut up my chicken for me. I love having a butcher, although J and I were both ashamed to realize that we don’t know our butcher’s name.
  • We get to play poker with the aforementioned cousins. We haven’t played poker in months.
  • My dad wrote me a short email. This is the first he has initiated any correspondence in several years. He wanted to tell me that when he thinks of the baby, he smiles and can’t help but think about when I was a baby. It was sweet.
  • It is sunny, and the tree outside of our kitchen window has its first new leaves. Spring is so close!
  • Yesterday, we had coffee with a friend whom we hadn’t connected with since the summer. She is a massage therapist and energy worker/healer. We got to share our news with her and theorize about when babies’ spirits enter their bodies. The next time we see her will be for free massages.
  • I am listening to Habib Koite who always makes me happy.


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4 responses to “good things

  1. His name is Sam. Your butcher.

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

    Also, if I ever meet you it will be like this… my family comes to your family’s house to eat that delicious meal you just described.

  2. jay

    excellent! on all counts!

  3. theclitremedy

    Wonderful! You can join me and Corey as we attempt to both cook more and blog what we made.

    I am basking in the glory of having made Moroccan lamb and chickpea soup last night, with grilled haloumi drizzled with pomegranate molasses and thyme to start.

    But yours sounds even better!

  4. all very good things! enjoy~!

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