of birds and supernatural matters

I just caught three birds on my balcony stealing the coconut husk that we have lining some flower baskets. My cat scared them away, but they came right back. I’m cool with sharing so long as they don’t make a mess. I rather enjoy having the birds on our balcony. I think they are Western Scrub Jays.

 But this post isn’t really meant to be about birds.

Last night, I had a couple of dreams that were disturbing. They are part of a new series of dreams I have been having where I feel a presence–or more than one presence–and I’m scared. Last night, a medium was involved and was trying to help me figure out who the presences were with no success. He ended up telling me he would pray for me, and this didn’t comfort me much. I found myself surrounding myself in circles of sea salt, lighting candles and sage, and generally trying to protect myself and the baby.

In most cases in these dreams, I don’t necessarily feel like I’m in danger. I simply feel as though some unknown entity is nearby, almost like a stranger is lurking around and watching me. When I wake up from these dreams, that feeling doesn’t go away. I feel like there are entities here, and I don’t know who they are.

I should back up a little. I am a skeptic, but I do believe that individuals from the spirit world come around from time to time. I saw too much evidence of this after J’s parents passed–throughout my whole life really. But I don’t know what this particular thing is. Our apartment isn’t haunted. I definitely don’t feel that is the case. It feels oddly spiritually clean, in fact. I just don’t know.

Sometimes the energies feel curious or like they’re observing, but most often, I’m scared of them. J suggests I ask them who they are, but in the midst of these dreams, I’m never lucid enough to do so. I am inclined to want them to stop., but I have this funny feeling that they are only going to get worse.

I’m sure this all sounds a little crazy to some degree, but now J tells me she has seen the cats staring at what appear to be blank walls, acting as though another person is in the room. What am I supposed to do with that?



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5 responses to “of birds and supernatural matters

  1. poppycat

    I am a skeptic too but i can’t rule out the possibility of spritual energies in our lives that we are not aware of. I have a feeling that your dreams are common to many pregnant women and probably has something to do with feeling more vulnerable as a parent and your need to protect your baby. I hope they subside asap.

  2. I had a dream when I was pregnant of a little red haired girl standing in my room…

    My daughter was born April 18th of 2006… with red hair…

    perhaps the spirites you are sensing are those of your child and maybe it’s unearthly protectors… simply waiting on the other side for the day to enter the world. 🙂

    anything outside of our realm is scary. I would try to relax with them. If they’re not being malicious.. there is no need to be afraid.

  3. Hmmm. First of all, I had the craziest dreams when I was pregnant. Some still give me goosebumps if I think about them. Yet, I also believe in ghosts. I had one who visited me the same time every night in my old apartment. I would think it was the cat standing outside my door, then the cat would be right next to my head. So I just would tell her it was ok to be there. That she was welcome. It was creepy, but I figured she was there with me. I couldn’t make her go away. So I decided not to let it creep me out.

    I agree with the previous poster. Perhaps it is either the spirit of your child, or someone else looking out for your child. I would try to welcome them, whoever they are. For the skeptic in you, perhaps you are just a little uneasy with the coming of a third member into your house? It does change things. But in a good way.

  4. Wow. I get chills just reading about stuff like that. I’m not very good at handling those types of situations. Dreams can definitely be more vivid and intense while pregnant. I hope that if it is a spirit, it is a friendly one, there only to do good.

    Oh, forgot to congratulate you on the 2nd trimester! Holy crap! xoxo

  5. reproducinggenius

    Thanks, girls. You all have some beautiful theories.

    J thinks that these may be some spirits surrounding the baby and that they are just helping to ease the transition–not so different from some of your suggestions. And then, maybe it is the baby. Whoever it is, when I’m awake, I’m not scared at all of them, and I don’t feel like there is any harmful intent.

    I’m trying to spend time at the beginning of each sleeptime welcoming the spirits surrounding Egghead and asking them not to identify themselves, and not to scare me. I tell them that I’m a little sensitive and quick to startle at the moment. When I do this, I don’t get scared. I’ll be sure to post updates.

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