12 weeks!

I can’t believe we made it to twelve weeks. Twelve weeks! This morning, I ventured over to FF for the first time in many weeks to see that it reads “Trimester: 2.” Much crying ensued. I’m in shock, but there really is no denying it. We’re in our second trimester, and this baby is growing and growing.

I take issue with all of the conflicting information on when the second trimester begins. There’s the developmental trimester system, which has the second beginning at 12 weeks, the gestational trimester, and more. Some have it starting at 14 weeks post conception! That’s just too long of an exhale waiting period. I’ll take the earliest date any chance I get.

I’m really feeling pretty good. The ick is almost gone. There are a few things that still set it off. For example, while Indian food has always been one of my favorite cuisines, the smell of it wafting up from my bottom floor neighbors’ apartment is enough to send me into a nauseated tail spin. I am eating meat occasionally again though, and I even occasionally cook and eat dinner with my wife again. These are great developments.

In fact, my appetite in general is very good. Too good sometimes. I might eat a nice-sized snack, and only an hour later am ravenous again. My wife has been lovely about keeping snacks in me, and she even gets up when I wake up famished at 4am to get me a quick nibble or glass of milk. I’m a lucky girl.

Sadly, my first-trimester orgasm dreams seem to have subsided, although I did have another recently. Other dreams are becoming crazier. Two nights ago, I dreamt that I rode a bike from here to Humboldt (a five-hour trip by car) while rather pregnant. Sometimes the dreams are a little scarier, and sometimes I just feel a presence and wake myself whimpering. I could do without these sorts of dreams.

One of the coolest and strangest developments is that I can feel my uterus. I can feel it when I’m walking around, and I can feel it when I lean against something. This week, when our niece was visiting, I laid down with her to take a nap and had her on me, but I had to move her away from my belly because I could really feel her pressing on my uterus. It’s a strange feeling–almost as though someone has placed a very full water balloon in my lower abdomen. I like it, but when I start thinking that this is the thing that is going to stretch and stretch, it seems strange. I can’t say I have ever felt anything quite like this.

I am officially out of my regular clothes, except for yoga pants and such. This may be one of those rare occasions when I’m happy to be a larger gal because the maternity pants almost work for me. I don’t look pregnant at all, mind you–just much fatter. The thing that keeps me a little more sane about this is that I haven’t gained more than a pound, so I can’t feel too bad about myself. I just hoped that the body image issues wouldn’t follow me into pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is no escaping them. I’ll have to write more about this later. Clearly I’m going to require some blogtherapy.

On this same note, however, I have had three different people pat the fat on my upper belly. These are people I know, but it’s still a little unnerving. Granted, I wouldn’t have wanted them to pat me quite as low as they would have needed to in order to actually pat my uterus, but it’s still disconcerting to have my belly fat rubbed. I’m beginning to wonder how I will handle the future belly rubs. I guess I hadn’t considered it much until now.

I’m beginning to sound cranky, though, and I don’t mean to because I generally am not. I am thrilled to have made it this far, and I am finally looking forward to the coming months with more than a little cautious optimism. Perhaps it’s just time I had another snack.



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10 responses to “12 weeks!

  1. A.

    Snack away, sister! You’re into the second trimester! It’s so exciting. I love your updates….

    (PS – I just patted my upper belly fat in solidarity)

  2. nutella

    Welcome to the 2nd trimester! May it bring you better sleep, better eating, more energy, and more sex!

    Don’t feel bad about the snacking, your body is working hard to grow a whole new person and it needs fuel. Just make healthy choices and snack away. I was very fond of raw almonds from Trader Joe’s. Around here they sell them in individual snack portions which were just right for taking everywhere.

    I wore yoga pants until about 20 weeks and even then the panel maternity pants were too much. It’s only been since about 28 weeks that I’ve needed the panel ones.

  3. cindyhoo2

    12 weeks is a tremendous milestone. Congrats!

  4. Amy

    Welcome to the third trimester!! It does all get better…slowly but surely. Yes, feeling pressure on your uterus is an unusual and uncomfortable feeling. It is the reason I just moved into maternity pants. The belly band is so much more comfortable. Now the wait to feel the baby move :]

  5. poppycat

    How exciting and wonderful to be in your second trimester. Yay!

    I plan to combat unwanted belly pats by reaching over and patting the offender’s belly in just the same way they patted mine, not starky or anything, just very nonchalantly. I think it will get the point across in a funny and nonconfrontational way. Try it and tell me how it works 😉

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog! Congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester! I know what you mean about the belly thing. When I was pregnant, my friends would rub mine all the time and I was only 7 weeks pregnant! I used to tell them that rubbing my belly won’t grant them good fortune like buddha. I’m looking forward to reading more. You are officially added to my blog roll!

  7. jay

    Happy second trimestering! And yeah, that belly patting is annoying. Apparently, that morphs into people wanting to touch your baby when it’s born, too. Can’t wait(!)

  8. R

    YEAH FOR YOU!!! WOO HOO!! I can’t believe .. 12 weeks already!! Tht’s just crazy! Second trimester.. wow!!! CONGRATS LADIES!!!

  9. vee

    Yay for passing that 12 week mark. Sorry that your belly space is being invaded. It has happened very little to me – probably because I’m a prickly bitch at the best of times. You could try feeling theirs back and seeing if they get the message. Or suggesting they could have asked first – that’s bound to raise a blush!

  10. Congrats on 12 weeks! Isn’t it strange how everyone wants to pat non-baby belly? I used to tell people that it was fine they were patting me, but it was pudge and not baby they were patting. Soon enough, that little one will take up your whole bump and you’ll wonder where your stomach moved to!

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