our houseguest

(Now with photos!)


A lovely little light is shining on our home this week in the form of our eight-month-old niece. We get to have her to ourselves all day today and tomorrow while my sister attends a conference here. Her broad gummy smiles, enthusiastic waves, and big open-mouthed kisses are filling us with all kinds of happiness.

We have deemed her our practice baby, and she is also our cats’ practice baby. They will all go near her when she is sleeping to sniff her, but our boy cat, Pierre, is the only one brave enough to let her touch him. She is obsessed with him, and she calls him something like “dee-duh.” Her mom says this is the first she has ever associated a “word” with anything. It’s delightful.

But there is nothing in the world like waking up in the morning to this wonderful little girl who now lights up when she sees me.




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3 responses to “our houseguest

  1. Practice babies are good all around! The real reason I’m commenting is to say that I just love that you have a cat named Pierre.

  2. Oh practice babies are so good. Even practice babies have the best gummy smiles. I am happy you are able to have such special time with her.

  3. poppycat

    She is a big breath of sunshine isn’t she? Enjoy your time with the wee one.

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